friday lovin’

It's Friday.

And not just any Friday.

But THIS Friday…………




Yup, his three week training is done & he is on his way home. Want to hear my favorite Joe is coming home song? Here it is. I know, I'm silly…. but you have to understand there has been a lot of coming and going in this life of ours. In our first year of marriage the boat he worked on was gone 275 days. For reals. I'm not making that up. I could've helped G. Love write that song. (Well, you know, minus the finding another man part….)

The little kids & I are headed to the city tonight to pick him up. Their excitement is kind of like a crazy sugar buzz. It's pretty cute. The weekend plans include a crawfish boil with friends and hanging with that guy I love. (Yes!!)  March is just going to get better from here on out. I can feel it.


I'm leaving you with some inspiring bits for the weekend….

I love what Susannah shared here. In fact, I love Susannah. She's amazing. Truly.

Thinking of digging out our rubber stamp making supplies, inspired by this.

Thrifting tips and sharing.

A sweet interview with Rachel of 6512 and Growing.

I just ordered two tubes of this lip balm and had it sent to my teenage boy. It's going to make him laugh. A lot.


Flea Market Fancy (newly printed) oh my!

It's the last day to sign up for this amazing art e-course. My girls & I will be there!


Happy weekending. See you Monday…..


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