peaceful play-dough

peaceful play-dough


peaceful play-dough


peaceful play-dough


peaceful play-dough


peaceful play-dough


We recently made the loveliest play-dough ever.

The idea came from Jen of Love & Tea. Jen is a certified herbalist, artist, and truly an amazing kind hearted soul. I've had the chance to get to know her a bit in the last few weeks and I'm completely inspired by her handcrafted tea selection. I'm sharing her aromatherapy play-dough recipe here with you today, which is really awesome. (with permission, of course)


Aromatherapy Play-dough

1 cup organic flour (gluten free will work too!)

1/2 cup salt

1 cup water

2 TBSP cooking oil

3 TBSP cream of tartar


Adding color : *beet water (purple), turmeric (yellow), spirulina or chlorella powder (green)

*using water left from boiling beets.


essential oils (optional):

(10 – 20 drops of your choice) lavender, rosewood, orange, lime, lemon

*We were battling a cold when we made our play-dough, so we used eucalyptus & orange. I used turmeric & chlorella to add color. I *love* the curry hue of the yellow one!


Mix flour, salt, cream of tarter, cooking oil & essential oil into a medium sized cooking pan. Stir a bit to mix. Slowly add water and whisk or mix until no lumps remain. Turn the heat onto medium and stir continuously being sure to scrape the sides & bottom. The play-dough will become thick and dough like, forming a ball and pulling away from the sides of the pan. Turn onto waxed paper or cutting board to cool. Knead thoroughly once it is cool enough to touch and feel peaceful. Stores well for a long time in an airtight container.

Thank you Jen!


*please excersice caution in using essential oils. a little bit goes a long way & be sure that you are using essential oils that are safe for children.


12 thoughts on “peaceful play-dough

  1. …and to think i just let that beet water go through the collander down the drain yesterday :)…next time i will definitely save it.
    thank you for sharing this recipe; we are in need of a new batch of playdough and i love the idea of having some color and essential oils mixed in.


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