I’m sure many of you have seen and heard the buzz about this new publication.


My first issue arrived last week and I’ve spent the last few days savoring it’s pages.

I don’t know that I’ve ever felt so in love with a publication….

It resonates within my heart and tells my dreams yes, yes, you can

The images and words within it’s pages are encouraging, beautiful, and heartfelt. The contributers are utterly amazing. If you are striving to live the simple life, to be present, to dig deeper, these are your people. Your community is within these pages.

As Amanda says in the opening page, “what you are now holding in your hands is a chair at the kitchen table.

To be among fellow dreamers, doers, makers.

How beautiful and lovely is that?

After it arrived I upped my one year subscription to two. It’s really that good. And my own little hope is that when it’s time to renew, we’ll be at our someday homestead. With chickens, bees and dirt under our fingernails.

Living fully, living the dream.

Finally planting roots….


6 thoughts on “reading….

  1. I’m so glad you posted this! I tried to order a while ago + paypal wasn’t working. and, of course, I forgot!
    *loved* the chair line! can’t wait to get it!
    no doubt that you + Joe will be settled into your land soon!!!
    xoxo ~ a


  2. Thank you Catherine. It's very refreshing to me to read through these pages. We're currently living in suburbia in a house we plan to sell within a year. This has got me dreaming about the next town and house and space. And most of all the hope of moving to a like minded community next ๐Ÿ™‚


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