Dear March…..

dear march.....


dear march.....


Dear March,

I'm so over you. Done. Finished.

Let's call a truce, shall we? Go easy on a girl playing a temporary single mom role. Making her own coffee (a lot of coffee). Missing half her lovely peoples spread throughout the country. There's no reason to be such a pain in the butt. You could give me an extra hour in the evening so I could get some sewing done. You could send a dish fairy to help out… you know?

But either way, I just want you to know I'm good. I'm still going to win this thing. And when this month is done…. you'll be headed out. Gone until next year. And guess who will be standing there smiling and waving as you go? Me. That's right.

So there. 



6 thoughts on “Dear March…..

  1. Oh dear…I’m almost afraid to tell you this…’re going to lose an hour tomorrow night.
    Well, maybe that’s a good thing!
    Spring Ahead, Fall back. (Does LA do that?)
    Hugs! Karen


  2. It’ll be gone before you know it. At least we had some gorgeous weather earlier this wek. We’ve been digging in the dirt and enjoying the fresh air and I swear the cleaning fairies haven’t been to my house either.
    And I still insist that I want to be like Jade when i grow up. She really is the coolest. I hope she has a wonderful trip!


  3. It was gorgeous…. we've been pulling up carrots & beets from the garden. I keep thinking they'll lose the amazement of unearthing carrots, but they love it every time! If the cleaning fairies come I'll leave a note to have them visit you next. I don't have my hopes up for that one though…..
    ps – I agree, Jade is the coolest 🙂


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