there she goes….

I should forewarn you.

This is probably going to get sappy.

My big girl just left for three whole weeks. My mama came to get her & they flew back to Alaska. To a small fishing village with heaps of snow. To two black labs and a house on the sea. To my brother. And to a Papa who can't wait to teach her how to ski.

There she goes….






I know…. she's technically just going to grandma's house. But have you seen a map? Do you know how far away Alaska is from Louisiana? Really far!

I can't help but look at these photos and see the same sweet grin that's always been there. You know….  this one. And yet, there she is. Taller than her Grandma. Suitcase. Caffè breve. Thirteen. Funky outfit complete with the much loved purple kicks. She's growing up.

She gave me the biggest hug goodbye. My sweet girl. And then she was off…

It ended up taking them three days to get to Cordova. Usually it's just two, but they overflew last night and ended up in Juneau instead. This is common flying in Alaska in the winter months. If you saw the places these planes landed…. you'd be impressed. Or concerned.

I got phone postcards though. Which I adored…. and wanted to share with you…



from Seattle :: "all checked in & having breakfast!"



from Yakutat :: "Jade was so excited that we got to sit next to a celebrity on our flight from Yakutat to Cordova. Actually she was a stowaway in the seat pocket that we assisted in helping buckle up."




I see postcards from foreign countries in my future. All starting out the same….

"Hi Mom, Hi Dad. Guess what……"

Traveling is in these kids blood. It's what they've always lived, always done. I know they'll each forge their own trails in the years ahead. Have their own adventures. I can only hope they find the time to send their mama a postcard every now and then…..


18 thoughts on “there she goes….

  1. Oh Steph.. she is getting so big. And beautiful!!! Youre gonna have to watch the boys with this girl lol. And i must say again.. i LOVE the new hair on her. I hope that sometime in the near future youre able to come back to Anchorage even if just for a few hours. I love to sit and catch up with you. I miss you girl! 🙂


  2. Wow, what an amazing opportunity. It is a balance isn’t it – being excited about their opportunities, but also wanting to keep them with you. I keep waiting for it to get easier, but it doesn’t ever seem to.
    Have a great day.


  3. Loved the skiing pictures this  morning. They got me all choked up thinking of Dad teaching me to ski all those years ago. I know you will all have a wonderful time together. xo~~


  4. Stacy, she'd punch a boy right in the nose. She has no interest in anyone getting in the way of her plans. How I managed to raise such a strong confident daughter is beyond me! She is the polar opposite of my own teenage self. And you know that teenage self I am talking about! Oh well, just part of the road traveled to get me here I suppose. I'd love to catch up with you too. We'll be in Cordova…. there is plenty of room. *hint, hint*


  5. It's crazy isn't it? The first time I left the kids with my parents, it was for two days and I was a complete wreak about it. But everything went really well….. and before you know it they are traveling there to spend a few weeks. Time flies!


  6. Oh goodness! I love reading about your relationships with your older children. So inspiring! They seem so awesome and so grounded in who they are – already. I love it.


  7. Nichole, you are so sweet. I am so grateful to have a good relationship with my kids in their teenage years. It is amazing! They are fantastic people I am humbled to know & love. xo ~s


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