strawberries are in….

strawberries are in


It's the beginning of strawberry season here. The kids & I polished off a half flat in 4 days. Somehow they kept disappearing from the fridge each time I opened it. Hmmmmm….

The last ones were tossed with a spoonful of maple sugar and heaped on top of multigrain pancakes for breakfast this morning. Topped with a big spoonful of honey whipped cream. I can't really decide if we had dessert or breakfast? But it sure was good. 

And now we're headed to the city to pick up Grandma (my mama!) from the airport!!!!!!!!

Happy weekending to you…..


12 thoughts on “strawberries are in….

  1. Oh my gosh, I forgot how early strawberry season is in the South! Wow. I do miss that part of the heat! 😉 And here we FINALLY have snow to make more than a half foot snowperson. At last! Have a glorious visit with your mom!


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