his cake + a manly basket

I had to share the cake I made Joe.

I've shared the cake recipe before here…. and the idea of whipped cream frosting here.

This time I used coconut oil instead of light olive oil in the cake. And topped it with fresh raspberries. Oh my goodness. It was pretty over the top delicious. And ridiculously crazy tall too. 


his cake + a man basket


his cake + a man basket


Joe is the easiest and hardest person to choose a gift for. He's the type of guy that appreciates anything. The simplest little something extra really makes his day. But of course I want to do something awesome every now and then. Our budget is pretty tight these days so I was really trying to do this for not a lot of dough. Over the last month I pulled together this. In truth it started by accident. I picked little things up here and there and stashed them away. His favorite beer. Some favorite treats. Some new treats. A super cool t-shirt. Before I realized it, I had enough to fill a basket.

A Manly Basket

He loved it.


his cake + a man basket


On another note….. tomorrow is February 29th. A bonus day that comes just once every four years. Are you doing something special? Something out of the ordinary?

I'm packing up some yummy treats and our drawing supplies and surprising the kids with a picnic lunch to our favorite outside place to visit. Good cheap fun, right?

Wishing you a bit of magic in your leap day tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “his cake + a manly basket

  1. Great idea! My hubby’s birthday is next week and we usually just order off each other’s Amazon wish lists (romantic, huh?) But maybe I could add in a few unexpected treats and bring it up a notch. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Oh, lovely! I have our once annual (or thereabouts) appointment at the children’s hospital for my youngest’s cardiology check up…then a visit to a lovely bookstore, vegetarian restaurant, and yarn shop with my sisters and little one. Aside from the appointment, everything else sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day! Hope yours is lovely, too!


  3. This is exactly what Joe usually does for me. Which actually is good because I end up with the perfect book 🙂 And if Joe had an Amazon list it would sure make things easier! I'm glad you liked the idea ….. it will surely make anything a little extra special.


  4. Awesome, both the basket and cake. You know, when I come here, Stephinie, I always leave feeling so refreshed. Thank you. I needed that today!
    Happy birthday, Joe! (Never met a Joe I didn’t like, by the way.)


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