Did you notice the little housekeeping bits?

I've rearranged things here in hopes to make it look fresh & clean. What do you think? 

{If you happened to be here during the font/sidebar/color changes and you thought you were going a little crazy…. I do apologize.}

Anyhow… the truth is, my mind is about a zillion other places than here right now. My big boy has been home for the past week, which means all six of us are hanging out. I love this. I've got a few little writing gigs tucked under my hat too. I can't share them just yet, but soon! And a certain love-muffin of mine is turning 37 tomorrow. Which means today was cake baking and getting ready and tomorrow is celebrating! After that, the big boy heads back to school and the love-muffin heads off to training in Virginia. For three whole weeks. Guess who has to make her own coffee in the morning? Yup, me. Dang.




I wish I could squeak some more good bits in….. but a picture of the most amazingly delicious cookies will have to do for now. They're from this. But you can find the recipe here too. If you cut the honey in half and add 1 TBSP of coconut oil they are vaguely reminiscent of a butterfinger bar. Healthy butterfingers!? How's that for some Friday love? C'mon, you know you gotta try these!

And one more little big thing. Have you met Erin? Somehow we're sorta like cosmic blog sisters or something. For those of you that loved this, you should take a peek at her little mama confession of sorts. It's awesome.

Mad Mama Liberation ~ Rock On!


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