a young Mick Jagger & other bits…..

Just popping in for a brief minute to share this with you ….


a young Mick Jagger


Can you see a young Mick Jagger in those lips? He was singing Mumford & Sons however….. which is oddly both folk & rock and most definitely Luke's thing. And our thing, we're a little obsessed with their sound. Acoustic rocking out…. this boy loves it. {and thank goodness the amp has a volume button!}

I also thought I would tell you that today is the very last day to sign up for the incredible Whole Food Kitchen class being offered by Heather of Beauty that Moves. Aside from being down to earth, sweet and having exceptional taste in music (hello Ani fans!), Heather is very knowledgeable in the holistic world of whole food eating. The class started a week ago and the recipes shared so far are simple, amazing & nutritious. It's the only time the class is being offered in 2012 and though it is an investment, I think it's well worth it. For honesty's sake I want you to know I'm not being solicited to share this in any way, I have no connection to Heather. I just really love what she's doing over there.

On a different note…… I've decided to open up sponsorship space here on Gypsy Forest. I know this is a touchy subject for some of you, and I truly understand. This was a long thought about decision for me. You can read a bit more about it here. I will carefully choose these sponsors based on what I feel is relevant for this community we share, because you are the real reason I show up here. It is very much my intention to conserve the integrity of this space…. please know this. And you'll get to meet some handcrafters and independent artists as well, which is wonderful too. 

I hope your loving the last bits of your weekend. I'm going out to the cold garage to offer some moral support & help to my sweet husband who is sanding kitchen cabinets…. oh my.



2 thoughts on “a young Mick Jagger & other bits…..

  1. He is so cute! I can just imagine one of my nephews doing the same thing…but for some reason they are always singing “Le Danse de Mardi Gras” right now! Hee hee!


  2. Haha! Tis the season right now! My own boy is not leaving this house without a metallic purple & green necklace….. complete with golden babies on it. My oh my!! "I got my part on mama," he says.


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