this day had cake

this cake


A grapefruit flavored cake inspired by this lovely recipe. I swapped the lemon parts for grapefruit parts, cut the sugar in half & added a 1/2 teaspoon of grapefruit oil. Topped with lightly sweetened vanilla bourbon whipped cream and blackberries. I know, I know….. blackberries are not in season or local right now for me. (however the citrus & eggs were!) And was it ever an amazing delicious treat. Seriously. I think cake like this on a Wednesday night is kind of like magic. 

With a face covered in whipped cream from licking off the beaters Luke said to me "mama, you just are the best cooker."

He's pretty much the sweetest thing ever…. that boy. Such a charmer.

I've got news tomorrow…. in the way of the big girl & I cutting off all our hair to donate…. big changes… my oh my. See you then.


4 thoughts on “this day had cake

  1. OH THAT LOOKS SOOOOOO YUMMY! Where’s the pic of the whip cream face?
    I like grapefruit. I have been eating 1/2 one every morning lately, from a neighbors tree.


  2. Aren't those just the best? We've made a few recipes this week, all totally wonderful. I'm hoping to hang out in the forum later this evening once the kiddos are in bed. I love the connection, especially when it is food related 🙂


  3. We've been gifted with TONS of local citrus this year. Fresh squeezed grapefruit & orange together are divine! So good. And I'm sorry I missed the whip cream face…. I'll be sure to get it next time 😉


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