The SCOBY Smuggler (but first the snow)

My parent's little Alaskan town is buried under 18+ feet of snow.

At first it was fun. Then it was crazy, and after that a little scary.

Buildings were buckling under the weight of all of it… and it just kept snowing! My mom barely made it home last week after meeting up with me in Seattle. "Steph, if you'd forgotten where you parked your car at the airport, you'd never find it!" Luckily mom hadn't parked there and dad was waiting for her plane to arrive. The idea of losing your car in a tiny gravel parking lot where it is still free to park at the airport made me giggle….. that is until (the ever creative yarn dyeing) Shelly posted this. See that first picture? Those are cars! And then this video started popping up an all my facebook pal's pages. And then it started raining. Making the avalanche threat a huge concern.

Cordova made CNN and NPR.

And when a state of emergency was called, the National Guard showed up. (You all know I love them!)

The whole town is taking time off work to volunteer, get things cleared and shoveled, feed crews of hungry people, pulling 12+ hour days and they get to the end of it and post on their facebook "we're getting this done, I love Cordova!"

This sweet little town where Joe & I met never ceases to amaze me. As the bookstore owner Kelly said in the video "Keep calm & shovel on." You people rock!


While my mom was traveling home to all of that excitement. I was kind of, sort of, maybe eluding airport people on the contents of my carry on.

I was trying to get this onto the plane:


SCOBY smuggler



It sort of looks like a weird thick dense piece of lunch meat. A SCOBY {symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeasts} is used to make Kombucha. At my friend's ceremony, a towel covered jar was on the counter hiding a huge SCOBY in it. When I sort of freaked and said "woah, that is one huge SCOBY!!" I was gifted with a big slice of it to take home. Isn't that the coolest wedding favor ever? {Thank you Kathy!}

After the ceremony I got to know Kathy (the groom's mom) a little more and she's one of those people that you just love right away. An amazing caring, giving, beautiful sort of person. By the time I said goodbye to everyone, I was determined to carry that SCOBY around the city with my mom the next few days and most certainly get it home.

I drained the tea off of it and triple bagged it for it's journey. Tucking it in between pajama pants in my suitcase. As I went through security I thought for sure I would have some explaining to do. As the luggage pieces went through, I pulled the SCOBY suitcase down beside me. A few pieces were being rescanned so I gently pushed my suitcase next to a bench nearby. Fingers crossed. Hoping they wouldn't randomly search through it. And they didn't.


Last night I started my first batch of well traveled Kombucha. It will be a fun memory every time I drink a glass of it.

{as a disclaimer, I completely support & understand the purpose of TSA. I was not bringing a liquid or gel onto the plane or breaking any rules… though I am totally grateful for not having to explain the strange item in the plastic bag!}


8 thoughts on “The SCOBY Smuggler (but first the snow)

  1. A girl that used to work here did the Kombucha thing. It tasted gross and I am not a fan…said in the nicest way possible 🙂


  2. I’m laughing out loud…thinking of the funny crap mothers everywhere must smuggle onto planes. But a SCOBY? That would take some serious explaining. Now I’m picturing you trying to tell some straight-faced air security guards what exactly it is…still laughing hysterically. This is one of the funniest posts I’ve ever read. Still laughing…and…still.


  3. I kept saying "symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast" in my head so I'd be prepared to tell them what it was. I'm glad you enjoyed it because I felt like the SCOBY bandit after wards….. all giddy & sillly about getting it through. I've heard lots of stories about them being taken away….. but I had to try! So glad I did (and that you got a good laugh from it!)


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