and I’m off…..

and I'm off......


By the time you read this I should be in the air…. headed to Seattle. 

For a week. By myself.

MYSELF! (I still can’t believe it!)

Joe has threatened to get on here and post while I’m away. So if you notice posts about things like oh, the specific gravity of beer or varieties of hops… it’s not me.

This evening I’ll be met by one of my dearest friends and I’m sure we’ll be catching up and swapping stories of the past 18 months of our lives over a cold microbrew. And I’ll be meeting her husband to be…. the very reason I’m headed to the northwest.

My heart is so filled up with love and excitement for this occasion. I’m reflecting on how good it is to see your friends find true love….. getting all misty eyed at my own sweet man and gosh I’ve gotten sappy with age. Life is lovely and beautiful, truly.

So my bag is filled with wool socks and fleece to keep my southern wimpy self warm and of course there is this pillow….


and I'm off......


The heart pocket is to hold a little something special, the ribbon to hold their rings, a little something blue embroidered to celebrate their day, and the button is from my grandmother’s stash who coincidentally was also married on New Years Eve and enjoyed 67 years of marriage. {something old, blue & new} It’s a wonky little handmade bit of love…. but I think it’s just right.

See you all in a week….


8 thoughts on “and I’m off…..

  1. Oh, can’t wait to hear about it. Love the packing picture. The socks on top! You are so clever. I missed the handmade PJ that either you or I made this year, but the boys didn’t. The PJs w/a cape found brought so much happiness, I can do nothing but wonder if I can some how repeat it. Love you:). Xoxo
    Ps: I found the Sanita clogs to have a funky loose heel … There is a little wedge I found at the drug store the fixes it… It sticks on the inside of shoe … Just in case you’re having same issue.


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