in the thick of it……

in the thick of it

In the kitchen at this moment:


*ten pounds of organic peppers from our farm waiting to be sliced & diced and frozen, the last of the season in December! (which I bought for one dollar a pound!)


*the beginnings of tea for rehydrating a kombucha scoby (wish me luck!)


*this book & the beginning of simple farmer cheese on the stove with local goat's milk


*sourdough starter waiting to be fed & turned into loaves of bread which we have been loving devouring… recipe soon!


*an empty basket that has held a bounty of local citrus (gifted to us) grapefruits, navels, satsumas, meyer lemons and clementines…. amazing!


*a box with a fungus! shiitake mushrooms that we'll soon be growing right there on the counter…. a gift from my mama


*an empty bottle of one year old homemade barolo (red wine) I see a realio-trulio wine cellar in our someday house…..


Is your kitchen bustling? Are you trying anything new? Do share.


{ps ~ Nourished Kitchen is having a super end of the year sale…. 30% off classes, menus & e-books. I shared a little about them here, follow a link on the right and enter the code : SUPERSALE if you're interested~}


8 thoughts on “in the thick of it……

  1. Growing my own mushrooms is something I’d also love to try, but will have to wait until next summer when we buy our house. Apartment living doesn’t leave you with much counter space 😉 Speaking of which, you kitchen is absolutely beautiful!!


  2. It's a big mushroom…… wait until you see it out of the box! The company has a lot of good ones to choose from…. and you could grow it elsewhere…. like in the living room, right? Thank you for the kitchen compliments….. we redid it all ourselves…. I have to tackle the cabinets this winter to sand & refinish them. It's been an adventure touching up this old house for sure!


  3. Box of gifts from students still sitting unsorted on the island. Crafts in various stages on kitchen table. Woodstove and cupboard similarly cluttered…we’ve been travelling in and out all week, stopping and dropping stuff off, packing up other stuff…so tomorrow is clear it all out (again!!) day…ugh!


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