in between….



I'm enjoying this little bit of in between.

Letting the house be unkempt while we play with toys. Slowly pulling the bits of Christmas down and yet still loving the magic of the lights on the tree and excitement of Santa's visit to fill those stockings. Eating the last of the best ever sugar cookies…. so happy that I made a triple batch of biscotti. Love, love, loving this dal. Grateful for sweet kids who pooled funds to buy their mama these and chipped in to help buy their dad a banjo. (and laughing at our girl who thinks daddy should be able to learn the banjo part of this in a few days! oh my.)

I stepped away from the camera this Christmas. In fact I didn't take one single picture on that day. Do you ever feel like you view life's precious moments through a lens? I needed to put the lens down. And speaking of slowing things down….. we  didn't make any gifts this year. It's true. I've no list of handmade show & tell posts to share here. There was candy making and cookie baking and such…. but the whole season was just, well, chill

To be honest I missed the bits of our handmade…. we supported a few handmade makers, it's true. But I was happy to miss my own handmaking. Amidst the very busy days of all that we regularly do, I enjoyed the break from the busy-ness of holiday making. I think it will return this coming year….. perhaps even in the summer months when we're hibernating indoors escaping the heat. Ahhhh, to be prepared far ahead of time, now that would be glorious. But sometimes not doing something makes you remember why you loved to do it in the first place.

Right now, I'm going to make some tea & help the littlest ones build another epic marble run and listen to some good guitar tunes. I'm mindfully looking for stones in the coming days before I embark on this project. And I'm hoping a few things align just so and make this bit of goodness possible.

Wishing you all some very cozy and chill moments in the days ahead…


6 thoughts on “in between….

  1. Loved this post. I know that feeling of putting the camera down. I’m actually thinking of setting aside my whole blog for awhile/forever? Just feel like I want to be fully present in each moment instead of that tendency to think: how will I word this in a blogpost? Your photo is so deliciously comfy and warm…I want to snuggle into that chair with a good book! Happy new year…hope all your wishes come true.


  2. I completely understand your words….. if it's to much like work than it's good to set it down for awhile. That is what inspired a month of one photo a day for me last spring. We all need time to exhale, right? Happy New Year to you & yours as well~~~


  3. At one point Christmas morning, when I realized the settings were wrong on the camera and the light was bad because the kids woke before the sun was up, I looked at my hubs and told him I wasn’t having any fun taking pictures. He just told me, then don’t. Later, when I looked at the few I’d taken, I realized I hadn’t even seen what they were opening or their expressions until just then. I’m so glad I just put the camera down so I didn’t miss the whole thing.
    I love the in between too, think it’s my favorite part. Happy new year.


  4. Exactly! That's so right….. I just came home from my friends wedding and not a single photo of the ceremony or reception…. but so many beautiful memories in my heart. Happy New Year to you too!


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