I hope you all can imagine the beautiful chaos of getting six people to smile and stay in one place long enough to snap a few photos. I'm almost always the one behind the lens. I really, really love that we're all in these. With heartfelt gratitude to my friend who snapped these pictures. She's sooo good. And I know this is the best gift I could give to my mama (spolier alert, but that's okay.)

{and yes, these were last week. green grass? that's Christmas in the south for ya!}
























Happy Holidays to you all~


20 thoughts on “family

  1. Aren’t you absolutely gorgeous? And your family…wow!! Wonderful photos. I’m sad to say that even here in mid-northern Ontario, we’ll have a green Christmas too. I’m happy I don’t have to drive in snow for another while, yet! Have a lovely Christmas with your beautiful brood.


  2. Awwwww! Super adorable! And I agree with Thea–you really don’t look old enough to be a teenager’s mom! The kids are so super cute it makes my chest ache. Babies! Even when they’re teens. πŸ™‚
    And, um, really Stephinie? I mean, really? Do you have to be stunningly gorgeous? Complete with silky, shiny hair and a beautiful smile? I want to be all “happy holidays” but instead I’m kind of jealous that you had a handful of chilluns, weigh as much as my left calf and are ridiculously beautiful. I give you coal and a foul attitude for Christmas! gah!


  3. It was all those years in Alaska… where it rains and the sun doesn't shine quite as often as you like…. keeps your skin youthful I suppose. I'm blushing at the gorgeous comments… these are really quite flattering pictures of me… I don't think I look like that. Usually I am often the odd looking one in the photo with the goofy grin. Really! I'll take your coal though… knowing damn well you give it with heartfelt love. haha! Happy holidays & much Love!!


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