the hope quilt

When did this quilt begin? I suppose I finally pulled the pieces out of the stash a few months ago. The top was sewn up sometime in October and then it sat around waiting for the quilting which I did in November. I know I've been sharing little bits along the way here and here

And now it's done. Done!

The fabric I purchased here and it's from Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley. It's lovely, isn't it? That Denyse has certainly got an eye for color. I cut out 8 inch squares of a few favorite prints and sewed them up. The border & backing are linen and I made bias tape from scraps for the binding. This was time consuming, but I am so glad I did it. I also love the little strip of patchwork color along the back. (inspired by looking at far too many quilts on pinterest!) The whole thing measures about 4 by 5 feet. Just the size for leaving over the back of the couch. The linen contrasts so nicely with the cotton… though it was wrinkly to work with. I ended up with a few puckers in the quilting which I almost seam ripped until Joe came to my rescue with one of his let it be bits of talk. So it's be-ing… just as it is. I didn't follow a pattern, though this book is quite helpful for quilting basics.

It's simple. I needed simple to finally jump over my big quilting hurdle. Little ones I do all the time here, true. But big ones? Patchwork ones? Hand sewn binding ones? I was afraid it would end up in the not finished pile I have. Please tell me a few of you also have one of those piles? C'mon, I won't tell anyone.

You want to see a few pictures right? I was so hoping you'd ask….














A happy little hope quilt.

Are you working on something these days?


8 thoughts on “the hope quilt

  1. Very nice indeed. What a great idea with the binding. you are so cleaver & crafty & have a great eye for the colors. Another job well done.


  2. Steph – Just saw your quilt today (I’ve been mad-sewing, and my ipod is broken…. sitting at the computer to surf, just has not happened!). Its so pretty, I love the binding the best. Really cute! Great job!


  3. Thanks T. I love it too. I've missed sewing for my own house/peeps. I've been so busy. Too busy, actually and I'm digging my heels in currently to slow things a bit. Bummer about the i-pod swimming lessons šŸ˜¦ thinking of you often chickie. xoxo


  4. How did I miss this post? I love the quilt, but extra love and wow, you are patient for the binding! My first quilt was for school and it ended up being 9 feet and more…it was completely free flow and unplanned, evidently! And it is so hard to work on larger projects on the sewing machine, this I know!
    I too have a gigantic ‘not done’ pile, which I have vowed to tend to this year before starting new projects. That pile just eats at me! Make sure to put your quilt in the ‘open first’ boxes when you pack! šŸ˜‰ How did you make out with your pile since this post?


  5. Thank you. The binding was the only part that took some real effort. The rest was so easy. As for the not done pile. *sigh* The main thing in it is a lovely blue patchwork tablecloth….. from Patchwork Gifts by Purl Soho. It is still in the pile. But that's it right now. Unless, of course, you count my stack of quilt fabric all picked out and ready to be cut as a stack. My goal is to sew a large quilt for each of my teenagers this year. Not necessarily a full bed size, but definitely a large lap quilt size. ~fingers crossed~ I can pull it off šŸ™‚


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