just good

We just got in from a 9 hour road trip to pick the biggest boy up from school for winter break. My oh my that is a whole lot of driving in one day. It is however the perfect opportunity to finish up hand sewing the binding on a quilt! As soon as we arrived in the door, the last of the ornaments were placed on the tree, including the star. Which is the job for only the biggest boy.

As I sip a cold beer and type these words, I am listening to all four of my children laugh and talk down the hall. Gratitude does not begin to cover the feeling in my soul.

Before I forget to tell you all (again), I had the honor of being featured in an interview over on Clean. Rachel is an inspiring mama and writer and I'd love for you to take a peek at the interview and of course drop your name in the hat for a giveaway! 

Also, the shop has been updated and has some beautiful new fabrics in it.


just good


And now, there is a cute guy with a guitar on my patio. He's singing old Pearl Jam songs under Christmas lights. I can't quite think of a place I'd rather be.

Have a lovely evening~


10 thoughts on “just good

  1. I remember when Pearl Jam was new. Phew…to think of their songs as old amazes me! I can just imagine your joy at having everyone home in their nest; mine are still small and I often just stop what I’m doing to listen to their playing-voices…”Let’s pretend that…” and I dream of the relationship they’ll have as adults. Merry Christmas to you!


  2. So many things I want to say, but my backspace button keeps removing them all cuz I just can’t say them the way I want to. Love you guys!
    P.S. I can hear Pearl Jam in my head. šŸ™‚


  3. Welcome home to your sweet boy. You are the last message I’m writing today as I head out the door to go pick up Mimi from school. Soon both of us will have our houses all chidden home. Have a great day with the kiddos.


  4. Yeah, it was…besides being surreal. I was 14ish then. More years have gone by between that time and now than the whole of my years then. And to think I only gave away my Dr. Martens last year!!!


  5. haha! the docs. Oh my šŸ™‚ I was a youngin' too. 16? And years later when Joe taught himself to play guitar the first song he learned was Elderly Women behind the Counter (or something like that, I'm sure you know it!)


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