soups on

The weather just shifted again here from a balmy 78 to a chilly 48.

Last night when Joe came home we actually had to turn the ac on to cut the thick humidity in the air. During the night a cold front rolled through and this morning had us all in slippers and sweaters and my poor cucumber plants were less than amused at the sudden temperature change. That's winter in the south, shorts one day and sweaters the next. It will go back and forth like this for the next few months.

The cold fronts always come in with at least a good rain and if we're lucky a thunderstorm. I do love a thunderstorm. The cold gray days make getting caught up on house stuff easy and by early afternoon I always start thinking about soup.

Soup was made for blustery damp days.

If someone were to ask me to list my most favorite of things, soup would be near the top of the list. With coffee, beer and chocolate. ~ahem. Sophie recently interviewed me for a zine (magazine) her homeschool reading & writing group is pulling together. "What's your favorite food?" she asked. I thought about a few things…. fancy stuff like sushi. But the truth is, I could eat soup every day and never tire of it. Soup it is. {which is followed by red salmon, the Alaskan in me never strays far}.


soups on


soups on


When you've made soup for awhile you have ideas, not recipes. You have flavors that call to each other and go together well. 

lime, cumin, chicken, cilantro, chipotle

curry, coconut milk, sweet potatoes, chard

pumpkin, sausage, kale, white beans

tomatoes, basil, white wine

onions & garlic, always lots of onions and garlic…..

Soup is a manifestation of life in this moment. Pulling together things in the fridge. Leftovers. Beautiful vegetables from our farm. Or perhaps our humble suburban garden. It's hard to mess it up. Creativity rules and if you can go with the flow each soup is unique in its own way. A little of this and some of that. Presented in the center of the table and filling up bowls and tummies. It's easy to love.


soups on


Lunch time soup this week consisted of coconut curry broth, leftover cilantro lime broiled salmon, chard and summer squash. Topped with sesame seeds, fresh cilantro, green onions & a spicy red hot curry sauce. All the veggies were local and in season (except the green onions).

Tonight's soup is kale, white beans & potatoes in homemade chicken stock. (with garlic & onions, always!) This afternoon while making soup I chopped kale and potatoes and talked with a five year old boy who asked "do you love when I help you make soup?"

And I told him "why yes, yes I do.


8 thoughts on “soups on

  1. Soup’s a favorite here too. I love the one pot clean up and days of dinner all ready to be reheated. Not to mention the warm, cozy goodness. Yours looks delicious (it had to be because of your five year old helper). -heather


  2. Nice hot soup. Sounds great as it is presently 24 degrees at my house in S. Arizona.
    Yes, I am wearing fleece today.
    My closet is always full of both summer & winter clothes. Never know what tomorrow will bring.


  3. We adore lentil /tomato soup here with fresh bread, I stuggle getting my children to accept new flavours of soup though. Maybe I should just keep serving it up in the hope they will become accustomed to trying a ‘new’ soup that ins’t lentil/ tomato!


  4. My little ones are particular about soup sometimes too, I think preschoolers are especially wary of all in one meals. I do keep trying and sometimes with great luck. I recently made a pumpkin lentil soup which I pureed & served with warm naan. It was well received by my usual non lentil man. (age 5) Best of luck to you in your soup adventures 🙂


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