this week {2}

this week {2}


this week {2}


this week {2}


The big kids helped me cut up and de-seed nearly twenty pounds of those kumquats!

We made 4 pints of candied kumquats and 5 pints of marmalade. We stirred and laughed and listened to music until midnight getting it finished up. The marmalade is delicious! I can't wait to share some with Joe (who is due home tonight!)

The candied kumquats are a variation of a recipe from this lovely book. I made a simple syrup and infused it with fresh ginger slices, vanilla bean and cardamom seeds. It should be ready for a first taste around Solstice! Perhaps spooned over ice cream for a solstice dessert?

{In completely unrelated news, I just reworked the favorite books section above and added some of our favorite chapter books and some holiday/seasonal sections…. do take a peek and see if there is something to add to your library list~}


10 thoughts on “this week {2}

  1. In truth, I misread the recipe and missed the "simmer marmalade for one hour". A rather unexpected discovery at 11:30 pm. But staying up late with he teenagers was well worth the oops!


  2. Your book section is always inspiring. I wish our library had as many lovely books. I keep putting in requests…sometimes they arrive, sometimes not.
    Thank you for sharing.


  3. Thank you 🙂 I just reorganized my book shop too & sorted books by season. I put in tons of requests at our library too…. sometimes multiple ones. Free books are worth the wait! Happy reading.


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