love notes

We’re in the midst of switching our schedule all around and juggling our few loved practices, lessons and such. I’m always sort of surprised by what a creature of habit I am. We changed things up and I’m feeling a little lost at sea trying to remember what needs to happen and when. I’ve considered writing it on my hand… because, you know, it’s always with you and hard to misplace.

The kids though, they mostly just keep on doing what they do. It seems it takes a lot more than I expect to ruffle their feathers. Which is good to see. Sometimes I have the luxury of standing back and watching them roll right along… laughing and smiling and really truly going with the flow….

Miss Sophie had a sleepover with her pal a few nights ago. For some reason I think mid week sleep overs are the icing on a homeschooler’s cake. I mean how cool is a Monday night sleepover, right? As we were getting out the door in the morning…. which is always an event…. I didn’t even notice as she worked her magic. It was later that evening when I dramatically dropped onto the bed in exhaustion that I first saw it….






She had left each of us a “good nite” note. Tucked into our covers next to our pillows with the sweetest little smiley faces. She has a history of sign making, this one. And she is most certainly a list maker just like her mama. The next morning I took pictures of them and noticed yet another note…. and another….






Our youngest artist has been leaving me cats these days. Everywhere. His favorite place to tuck them is in the sewing machine. Do you see their names? He’s into writing the letters he knows and bringing it to me to pronounce. Then he says to me matter of factly, yes that’s what I wrote. Of course.

Shebb & Shuag! I cannot even tell you how I love them. I’m imagining ways for these felines to materialize… sewing? knitting? Don’t you think they should join the family in a more permanent sort of fixture?

These little bits of paper & love notes are savers, for sure.

And speaking of notes….. my grandmother (who lives in Arizona) picked up this amazing and huge collection of sheet music at an estate sale and mailed it to Jade.




We had so much fun going through the music. Joe knew far more tunes than I and we all laughed & sang our way through pages and pages. I’m feeling so grateful for these little love notes finding their way into our days right now. 

Wishing you all some little love notes as well…


12 thoughts on “love notes

  1. Stephinie! That is so great!
    I woke up this morning and found the house empty and this note from Col: “Love Col. To Mama. We R Goen on a Driv.”
    (translation: we are going on a drive – with Dan – to look for early morning buck deer I’m quite sure)


  2. Love notes come in the best places don’t they. What “score”,on all that music. Pun intended. lol I made myself laugh. I just love to go through old music. What’s the favorite song so far?


  3. Love notes are the best…. and the lovliest most scattered mama brain thing I've done is to tuck them into favorite books. When I come across them weeks, months or years later I *love* it. PS – I hope that means you got to sleep past 6 am!!!!!


  4. Ahhh, I love it 😉 I'm a sucker for silly jokes though… we did enjoy it and yes love notes are soo good. And speaking of good, as I type this there is a lovely teenage boy asleep on the futon. He didn't even make it to his bed…. home for Thanksgiving week….. I hope you are seeing some of yours as well. xoxo


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