this humble seed


I struggle with my garden. I know, I've shared this with you before. A few times. ahem~

I recently read a guest post over on Tend (a fabulously inspiring garden blog, do visit, it's lovely). In it, the author expresses the need to be grateful for anything we cultivate in our little gardens….


"….that knock-down, humbling experience of growing (or trying to grow) things in an urban setting frequently gives way to gratitude. Gratitude for what does grow, for the surprise successes and the feeling of putting it on the table."

 ~Sarah from The Yellow House via Tend



For me me this means taking a step back and choosing to be thankful for the simple salad of baby greens. The handful of sweet peas. The tiny cabbages and eager to please swiss chard.


fresh on tap, Joe's Bourbon Chocolate Stout (because Rachel will want to know)







All growing away, filling in the beds, not knowing they aren't the biggest or onliest little plants out there. And I promise to care for them as if they are just that.

I think each salad and ripe tomato should be a celebration of sorts. To take a hopeful seed and tend to it, to watch it grow and become food that will nourish your family, this is a miraculous thing. No matter how small.

I will present my modest harvest to our family table like a child with a a handmade macaroni necklace. Knowing I did my best to get it here. Being thankful and amazed. And being very much okay with it just as it is.

with gratitude~


12 thoughts on “this humble seed

  1. So very beautifully said.
    And you know, it really is this way with everything, isn’t it? If we just cherish what we have so much—then we appreciate how really beautiful and wonderful it really is and how fortunate we are.
    And didn’t you just see, when you captured through your lens the beauty your garden really has. I saw.


  2. Thank you Heather.
    It is this way for everything, that's so true. I find that if I let go of my expectations I have far more gratitude. It fills my heart right up. And yes, my simple garden is beautiful…. I'm so glad you saw that too.


  3. Thanks Stephanie. It's taken me so long to embrace my garden for what it is. It's so easy to get distracted by the green grass on the on the side and completely miss what's right in front of me. We're enjoying lettuces, chard and the cabbages and beets are growing. Winter gardening here makes me think I'm destined for four season gardening in the future. I hope so anyway 🙂 It's far easier for plants to thrive when it isn't 98 and humid! And far easier on the water girl to take care of them too!


  4. A mixed greens salad blend…. they all start out this way and then the second set of leaves change….. did you google parsnip or rutabaga seedlings? I've done that before to figure out what the heck I had going on. I wanna see pictures of your garden plot!


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