Meet Stella + A granola bar recipe

So I did it.

I finally gave in to food peer pressure and bought a darn food processor. After a year (a whole year!) of hoping I would find a used one after my little 2 cup mini one bit the dust, I bought this. It's refurbished, and was about $50 (oomph, I know) and I love her. It's the first real food processor I've ever owned. Crazy, right? After making several batches of granola bars and pesto, I have decided such a workhorse needs a name. I mean, since we're friends and all. Doesn't she look like a Stella?



So Stella & I made some fantastic granola bars, and we wanted to share one of the recipes here with you. The first two batches were raw bars fashioned after the incredibly yummy and expensive lara bars. I found the idea here. We tweaked the recipe to make a bigger batch and use what we had on hand. The third batch was based on this yummy recipe, which won the kids over for sure.






They are delicious! So very good really. Wrapped in wax paper, we take them on our journeys for when we're in need of a wholesome snack. Which is somehow quite often. The "lara" bars are grain free and held together the best. Even on a recent kayak trip. I'm sharing the cranberry almond recipe here with you, which ironically enough are the only ones I didn't photograph! Oops. But they look just like the first bar pictured with a dried cranberry colored hue. I think they would be awesome with a bit of ginger in them, but my people don't all like ginger as much as their mama. (and once I have the cashew coconut recipe perfected I'll share that one too, yum.) Can we call them granola bars if they have no oats? Snack bars? I'm not sure… maybe we could name them after Stella? Oh, that might be getting just a bit carried away… but seriously, I will not miss my meager attempts of making pesto in a blender.


Cranberry Almond Bars

1 cup raw almonds

3/4 cup dates (whole dates, chopped into quarters)

3/4 cup dried cranberries

1 TBSP raw honey

1/2 – 1 tsp water (if needed)


Pulse the almonds in the food processor until they are a course flour consistency. Pour into a bowl and set aside. Next, pulse the dates and cranberries until they stick together in a uniform ball shape. Add the honey and 1/2 tsp water. Pulse until combined. Add the nuts and pulse until the whole thing sticks together and looks sort of like the above picture. If the mixture seems dry you can a few more drops of water. The mixture will be very thick. Using oil on your hands, press into a buttered or oiled (I used coconut oil) 8 inch square pan. Chill for a few hours & slice into 2×4 inch bars. We store ours in the fridge.


PS – A big hello to any newbies stopping in from that last post, my goodness did it get an awful lot of visitors!


10 thoughts on “Meet Stella + A granola bar recipe

  1. How did you find a refurbished food processor? I’ve been tempted to buy one for months…they’re just so dang expensive!


  2. I’ve never had a food processor. However, at my stage in life I think I will pass.
    None the less, that recipe sounds yummy.


  3. I don’t have (and never have had) a food processor because I’m such a pared down minimalist with the things we fill our home with…but you made a really good case for having one here—the granola bars do look delicious! Oh, and you found a good looking used one (with a nice name, I might add)!


  4. I completely understand. I try to do the same, especially with kitchen gadgets….. my husband teased that I need to make granola bars regularly to justify the shelf space of Stella. Though I think that is mostly because he loves taking them to work as a snack 😉


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