she’s published

Yes, she.

A lovely piece of her artwork is featured in the November/December issue of New Moon magazine! Which, by the way, is a wonderful positive girl run magazine out of Duluth, MN, started by two homeschooling girls several years ago.

And because I am one proud mama, you know I just had to share it here with you too. With her full permission, of course. I hope you can read the excitement in these words, we are all so happy for her.

And now…




A Gypsy Portrait, by Jade

"This Gypsy is a Character in a book I am writing."


Isn't it beautiful? Thanks for letting me share with you.


18 thoughts on “she’s published

  1. Thats awesome! I like her piercings! Does she have any tattoos? Congrats on getting published. I was published in a book for one of my photographs and i remember how excited i was. I found out at about 2 in the morning and i ran into my parents room and said ” OMG MOM, DAD I WAS PUBLISHED!!” Of course they had no idea what i was talking about. And the fact that i was 18 and bursting into their room at 2am LOL. Ahh good memories!


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