pumpkins, ninjas & gratitude


The great pumpkin mess…. I think I finally got the last of the seeds wiped off the cupboard doors and scraped off the side of the table…. at least I hope.



And then the Ninjas came out…. with their coveted (coveted!) swords. These were the easiest no sew costumes ever. Nothing like this, this or this. I vote for ninjas every year, we could just change up the belt colors, no? And they wanted everyone to know they were "ninjas for the good," in their words. 

Now for some super cool ninja moves…… (some in stylish maryjanes!)





Pumpkins, ninjas and now the gratitude…. because it is November. And it's the month of feeling thankful for all the good that surrounds us. Even and perhaps especially in those less than perfect moments in life. Shannon shared a beautiful idea here that I just loved

Hope your Halloween was especially spooktacular.

Happy November!


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