Maine Hats

As I updated my ravelry this morning, I realized it's been nearly a year since I've done so. Knitting is different here in the south. I find that I am sewing far more and knitting less, and I miss the knitting. Over the summer I got a good way through this before frogging the whole thing at camp. Kinda makes you want to cry a little… my new pals groaned with me as I unraveled three whole skeins of yarn. Ouch. So, how about those gauge swatches?

But hats? Hats are good to me. Well, mostly. And these three were knit up in the past few weeks and made their way to Maine just before the first frost. Our friends moved to Portland this summer after spending three years hurricane free here in the gulf coast. And what did they encounter after being settled for just a few short weeks? Irene. Who would have guessed, right?

So I knit up a "tropical storm" hat for Josh. It's the hurricane pattern without the spiral.




And for Ashley, a hurricane…..





And for their little guy who is loving apples and fall and undoubtedly going to love his first real winter with snow…. this.










Are you swooning over that earflap cuteness? I know I am.

I packaged these hats up with a jar of southern peach jam and sent them north just in time for the cool weather. And since I promised Josh a hat back in March I can only hope the extra woolly tops & jam sweetened the deal. (he was ever so patient in waiting for those hats!)

Wishing Josh & his family a wonderful winter in Maine. (and hoping our paths cross again sooner than later.)

Happy Knitting!


The details & patterns of all the hats can be found in my ravelry.

14 thoughts on “Maine Hats

  1. Those are awesome! Wish i knew how to make those. Id be a knitting fool for christmas presents lol. I do believe my fav is the one with the ear flaps. But for colors i think the purple and green compliment eachother very nicely. 🙂 Miss you!


  2. I saw these on Ravelry this morning…I finally updated my projects too; I have a hard time posting photos from our home computer, but did it easily from my mom’s house. Felt good to update. Your hats made me realise it’s time to get knitting for my own kids…winter’s on its way and last year’s hats won’t do! Love that spiral…want to try it in a solid colour to really accentuate that pattern. Very cool…I know your friend in Maine will love these!


  3. Thank you, thank you 🙂 I am sure there is a cool knitting store in Anchorage… you should learn over the winter. They have tons of super soft wool yarn out there that would certainly keep your head warm in January when it's negative temps outside. Even if you just knit some up for you & the hub!


  4. Thanks S 🙂 I'll have to go peek at your page on ravelry now. I've done the hurricane in a solid color and it looks really great. Especially in a worsted weight. Plus it's an easy pattern too. Happy knitting!


  5. Ear flaps win hands down for me too. Luke is getting one of those for Christmas. I just finished one mitten that matches too. My goodness are little mittens ever the cutest thing! On to knit the second now….


  6. Oh me? Yeah, I’m just making delicious food, sewing my kids some clothes, whipping out a few hats. Oh yeah, and that etsy store thing. No big deal. I’m just, yanno, A FREAKIN’ CHAMPION.
    So. Jealous.


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