just paddle









Oh the water…. we go way back. It's pretty much always been right there in some form or another. Warm, cold, fresh, salty (swampy!). Even when we haven't been in it for months it never judges, just welcomes us right back as if no time has passed. Fluid, forgiving, and strong. Just the thing you look for in a good friend.

The cooling weather is the beginning of paddle season for us here in the south. The real southerners have probably been out in it all summer, but we northern folks can't quite hang with the sticky heat. We were out in the kayaks twice last weekend and our sunburned noses and sore arms are feeling it. The bayou was so calm that the little one was sure he'd dipped his finger into the clouds as he traced their reflection in the water. There is nothing like coming home tired and warm and full of something that I can never quite put into words.

Sometimes I try to…. and all I keep coming back to is, just paddle.


10 thoughts on “just paddle

  1. Love this!!! It is finally cooling off here as well and we spent the day at the farmer’s market and the park. Ahh Mediterranean fall, I love thee. The paddling looks so peaceful. Maybe I’ll have to find a lake around here. Enjoy!


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