kcwc fall 2011 – sharing day five

Well, it's done.

A weeks worth of sewing kiddo clothes an hour a day and I've made a skirt, tunic, funky pants and these pajama pants. {Yes my younger girl is mentioning the unbalance of these creations and has put in a list of to be mades to her mama.}

What a fantastic creative week. I've had such a good time wandering through the flickr group checking out the other handmades and no doubt feeling quite inspired. I've also very much enjoyed meeting some new creative souls out there (hello!)…. that's why so many of us come to these spaces and share, you know?

I finished up the week with a simple pair of pajama bottoms for the boy. I also have a pair cut out waiting to be sewn for my girl, with owls…. there is a mild owl obsession going on these days. Anyone else in this boat?

The pattern is my own… and my boy was so cute showing them off this evening that I almost forgot I was photographing the pajamas and not his alligator and newly toothless grin…



See the little gap of a missing tooth on the bottom? Oh, he's growing up…. melts this mama's heart most certainly.






I suppose we'll get back to regular programming here. Which is, uhm…. random programming at best? What did we used to talk about anyway? Food, gardening, knitting? Something like that.

Thanks again for letting me show off my sewing and kids for a whole week…

and in the words of my five year old boy…

"later gator."


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