kcwc fall 2011 – sharing day four

I should share a few things with you about my boy. You know, aside from that often mentioned untamed crazy nature of his.

He's got style.


He has fashion preferences that far surpass any of his siblings. The first time he ever wore a pair of black loafers (at the age of three) he looked and me and said in a serious tone, "mama, these are bad boy shoes…" I half expected him to add some white socks and hike up his pants and start singing 80's Michael Jackson tunes. You know I'm bad, I'm bad…. I'm a child of the era, what can I say?

But back to fashion. Luke has en edge that I never knew could exist in children. He wears a blazer and tie with rolled up pants and a black felt fedora. And he's totally serious about it folks, for real. He cracks me up and inspires me all at once. He's just so him.

And now that you know that….. when he has some say in his handmades, it's usually pretty reflective of that wild fashion sense. That's just how these pants ended up here. Kinda loud, kinda funky, and totally Luke.












Perfect October colors, right?

The pattern is an altered version of the pants I've sewn up in my shop. I followed the examples in this pattern making book to alter it & add the side panels with pockets. If you have any interest in making or altering patterns, it's an awesome read. It's written for women, but the how to will teach you the basics to alter any favorite pattern. These were sewn up with linen and I added a combination elastic drawstring waist. The stitching details on the pockets got an "ooohhh" from the boy. The first few photos I was told not to photograph his face, ahem…. until he asked if he could stick out his tongue. Silliness rules!

I've got one last thing to finish up & share here tomorrow. Thanks for checking in and seeing what I've been sewing!

ps ~ swing into the kcwc flickr group to see more handmade lovliness!


24 thoughts on “kcwc fall 2011 – sharing day four

  1. Thanks for the link, I will have to check it out. I am more of a knitter than a sewer. I am just getting into sewing for my 13 month old little man. I have made a handful of quick change trousers, but that’s about it. Your projects are quite inspiring!


  2. Thank you so much πŸ™‚ I've been really happy with the look of linen… it's nice to sew with too. I use a medium weight (5.3 ounce). It's a nice weight and holds up well to active kiddos. Happy Sewing ~  ~  ~


  3. Thank you πŸ™‚ I had some rough moments with it…. but it did turn out lovely. I'm looking at the Nature Pullover by Oliver + S next… it looks like a good wintry shirt. Especially if I could find some affordable sweatshirt material to make it out of…. maybe piece together some thrifted finds? We'll see….


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