kcwc fall 2011 – sharing day three

I finished the tunic!

We had a cool-ish day today and the little man of the house was {mostly} tolerant of his mama and her camera…. though numerous times he sighed and said, "I like my shirt, can I just play in it now?"

Oh my, is it ever difficult to try and snap photos of a wiggling boy…….










This is most definitely the, "Mama are you done yet?" look.

After Luke had worn the shirt for a few hours, I decided the neck line was a bit deeper than I preferred. I knew he wouldn't want to wear a tshirt under it either, so off it came {with bits of peanut butter cracker on it} and I added a small inset of brown knit fabric and some hand embroidery to jazz things up a bit. I really, really like the way it looks now and my little guy really, really wanted to wear it to bed. Which is better than those times when I've sewn or knitted things and he told me they were pretty but refused to wear them! (remember these?)




As of right now I've got two pairs of pajama pants in the works and some crazy looking linen pants that are reminiscent of butterscotch and chocolate pudding…. aka nineteen-seventies colors!

I hope to have them finished up to share here tomorrow…. and next I'll have to find a big kid tunic pattern for my girl who has now requested a tunic of her own.          

Any suggestions?

{ps ~ just wanted to add that this is Cloud 9's organic cotton in Free Bird print from the Cut out & Keep collection, it is awesome! And the tunic pattern can be found here.}


12 thoughts on “kcwc fall 2011 – sharing day three

  1. Stephinie – you are soooo good! his tunic is amazing. I love all of the details. it’s all in the details, right? have you always sewn? did a relative teach you or did you learn on your own? super impressed! xoxo, amanda


  2. Nice work! Really, really cute. I love the mods you made to make it more wearable. Of course, that adorable boy would look great in anything.


  3. I LOVE IT!!!! That cloud print is awesome— and I love the brown hand embroidery you added!
    There is a LOVELY tunic for girls in the book “Girl’s World” by Jennifer Paganelli (Sis Boom fabrics). I can’t wait to try it. Regardless of where you get it from, the book is getting rave reviews on Amazon— I’ve made a couple projects from it and it has been great!
    Good luck!


  4. Thank you! I learned how to sew in home ec class… but for years all I could do was hem pants or patch something. When Sophie was a baby I started making pajama pants and a few small quilts and then it just got to be something I really enjoyed. I made a lot of ill fitting weird looking things before I ever made something I loved! But now really enjoy it 🙂


  5. Fantastic, thank you! I'll try to find a copy. I love the bird print too, I've been really happy with the quality {and price} of cloud9's organic fabric. Some day I'd like to learn to sew with knits too…. I've seen some really cute sweatshirt pullovers lately that I'd love to make!


  6. Thank you! The shorts I made a l-o-n-g while ago… as pants and then into shorts when they were getting small. He *loves* them. I think the model is pretty darn cute too, but I am most definitely biased in my opinion 🙂


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