kcwc fall 2011 – sharing day one

I've been meaning to make that girl of mine a skirt for awhile now. She would wander in while I was sewing up shop skirts and sigh and remind she wanted a skirt of her own. A one of a kind, mind you.

And so my first project for kcwc was sewing just that. A simple gathered skirt with deep teal blue linen and an easy fit elastic waist. My girls have always preferred 1/4 inch elastic for this type of skirt. I suppose it must be extra cozy for little tummies. I made some bias tape to finish the hem in a lovely citrus hue. {from Denyse's Hop Valley collection, a favorite of mine}

My girl was thrilled and says it's floufiness reminded her of Alice's dress. (Alice in Wonderland) I'm pretty sure floufy isn't a real word….. but we like it anyway.

So here it is…..












I'm looking forward to sewing up something for the boy next. Maybe this? And of course he's due for some linen pants too and maybe these if I get really brave. If any of you have a favorite pattern or tutorial for kids do share a link!

See you tomorrow with more… at least some in progress shots anyhow.

{what is kcwc? kids clothes week challenge is folks sewing kid clothing for an hour a day from october 10th through the 17th… take a peek on the details here and of course there is a flickr group to share photos. I'm looking forward to adding to our fall wardrobe in the next few days!}


10 thoughts on “kcwc fall 2011 – sharing day one

  1. That is such a cute skirt. I love it. I hope one day to participate in this wonderful week of kids clothing sewing but alas I will have to miss again this time. I’ll just have to live it through you.
    Enjoy your sewing.


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