the great pumpkin

Don't you think this pumpkin is just too perfect for our fall loving October birthday girl? Joe pulled off another fantastic cake! She was quite pleased that the very first fall decoration was chocolate flavored (at least on the inside)…..



Our birthday celebration was simple and quiet and much loved by the birthday girl…. who requested homemade chicken soup for dinner. (the birthday girl/boy always gets to request their dinner on their day, something they love) Soup + Fall = Cozy. The autumn season most certainly lives in her heart, I tell you. 





And here is a sneak peek at the fabric I've been cutting & sewing up today…. {participating in this}



I finished it up only just now and it's far too late for any decent photograph…. also the recipient of the clothing piece is fast asleep. So, tomorrow…..

Good night friends.


14 thoughts on “the great pumpkin

  1. Awesome. Soph just made a lovely mess last week digging to the back of the linen shelf for her Christmas one… a Halloween one will make her day. We'll be making fall decor in the coming weeks as well as I have been told that we don't really have any. Or at least, not nearly enough!


  2. Thank you Valarie….. Joe does such a wonderful job on the kid's cakes. And I hope to post pictures of my sewing tonight. The weather here has cooled and I'm finding that evening blogging is working out the best…. we've been outside a LOT!


  3. Oh my goodness, Stephinie. Do you do anything half way or that turns out wonky? That is gorgeous. Am I counting 9 candles? Happy birthday beautiful girl!
    By the way, my children were talking about Halloween and it made me think of the gorgeous bags you sent to them last year. Made me smile. Thank you again.


  4. I do…. I really do. I'll have to share something next time it does. And yes that girl of mine is 9! Thank you for the birthday wishes…. we enjoyed a lovely day 🙂 AND I am so glad to know you love those bags too!


  5. Ha! Love these cakes that Joe makes!! What a riot! Looks like a wonderful autumn meal. Happy Birthday Sophia! Also, that baby picture that you posted last week…my, what a beautiful baby she was!!


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