homeschool science at it’s best

We've been studying life science and learning about the animal kingdom the past few weeks. Classifying critters and such. One of our projects was to order some butterfly larvae {caterpillars} and watch the metamorphis magic happen. I regret not taking better pictures of the amazing growth of those wiggly caterpillars…. but in a few short days they were all ready plumped up and climbing to the top corners to make their cocoons. It's amazing to see the little caterpillar skin fall off, as if they're just changing into pajamas for a nap.

So for a week the little girl watched & watched……… and watched & watched.



Until finally they began to appear…. we never did see one actually emerge, but still those empty cocoons and a box full of jittery new butterflies had us all pretty excited. We fed them some sugar water and fruit slices and once they were all hatched it was time for their release into the wild….



It was an exciting event for the {rather serious} budding entomologists…..





Sophie was more than happy to assist a rather reluctant flyer…. who decided to rest on her finger for a bit before taking flight and joining the others…



It was science and learning about our natural world at it's very best.


{Painted Lady butterflies are native to all of north America}


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