a belated snippet

Just a few snapshots of Jade's birthday table & cake (a coffee mug & biscotti).




As we sat down for the official celebration meal and I looked at the picnic table set for 6, I realized that when I am an old woman nothing will truly warm my heart more than to set a table for all of us to share a meal together…… {and of course whomever they bring home with them as well}



17 thoughts on “a belated snippet

  1. A belated comment! Dinnertime at our house is loud and chaotic and often stressful, full of reprimands, reminders of manners, and wolfed-down food (at least by mama)…but I remember dinner with my siblings and parents, setting the table for six, the red gingham tablecloth we always used when eating spaghetti…thanks for reminding me that this will get easier (when my kids are older!)
    The cake is brilliant! Did you make it??


  2. The cake is adorable! I may have to show that photo to my sisters as a hint for my next birthday:) I’m visiting your blog from Soule Mama’s. The name caught my eye….love it! Barefoot Mama


  3. Ahhh thank you….. I do hope the kids remember these simple lovely things. Thank you for the birthday wishes šŸ™‚ {and the quilt is coming along slowly…. but coming along none the less!}


  4. I love the gift wrapping! May I ask what the pink fabric in the middle is? Love the flowers too! Has it cooled down any yet?


  5. Fabric from my stash & recycled tissue paper. The pink with hearts is tissue paper…. is that the one you are wondering about? {right in front of the photograph?)
    It was beautiful weather here last week…. but the heat is creeping back in. The evenings have stayed cool though and we are certainly grateful for that. Looking forward to November most certainly šŸ™‚


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