hello wednesday….

Joe left Sunday evening and I've been parenting solo this week. It's amazing how the absence of a parent effects the whole household. Even though Joe isn't home until late afternoon during the week, it takes the kids a few days to adjust to this. And just think, we used to do this all the time…. for weeks on end. {there were a lot of waiting posts written at the house} This time though, it's just for the week. We pick Joe up Friday evening…. the day after we pick Sam up for the weekend and the day after our girl's 13th birthday. There is a trip to homeschool co-op in there somewhere too. It's gonna be busy.

But Thirteen? THIRTEEN! Oh my. She's a sweet one, that girl. I'm a lucky mama. 

The last few days here have been full of rearranging my craft area…. Joe keeps teasing me about moving everything to my side of the room. "Do we need to get some tape and make a border down the middle?" he asked. No, I say….

The sun had faded a few fabric pieces when everything was on the other wall, so the whole lot had to be moved….




And nothing like moving your fiber goodies around gets you motivated to perhaps finally start a quilt with some beloved treasures. I'm really going to cut into that fabric this time… I'm planing a simple one with big wide squares for these hues. I also have the greens & yellows from this collection that I want to do a stacked coin quilt with. I love those. And I found this gorgeous scrappy-ish sort of quilt in Anna Maria's much adored Good Folks collection from awhile back. Gah! It's stunning. Pinterest is dangerous my friends, you should join me there.




Jade & I have been spending the evenings knitting. Sometimes both of us knitting, sometimes her knitting and me sewing… I've been working hard on quilts for the shop. {Don't get me started on the irony of quilting for the shop and not for myself!} I've so enjoyed this chunk of time between 9&11 pm when the littles are asleep and the girl & I are laughing and chatting and creating. It's good.

Other creative endeavours have included legos. The small boy is obsessed. He comes out of the abyss for potty breaks and food. This is the room when it's clean…




Last but not least…. it's cider season! I buy a gallon each week this time of year and we savor every speck of it. It's like liquid fall, right? The kids like their's straight up or mixed with some bubbly water with a slice of apple and ice. I like all of the aforementioned with the addition of a shot of vanilla bourbon. It's a good way to end the day I tell you. And yet another use for that uhm, vanilla extract I made.




Recipe inspired by this which I found via Grace on…. you guessed it, pinterest. Grace by the way just wrote up a sweet little autumn post with the prettiest of pictures… do take a peek.


8 thoughts on “hello wednesday….

  1. Oh, that stacked coin quilt is lovely. I have a generous sized pile of baby clothes collectively worn by my three little blonde angels…I think I know what to do with those. Some of the clothes were simply too special to donate….I’m just a little sentimental like that.


  2. I have a half completed stacked coin quilt just waiting ever so patiently for my attention too! You and Joe’s bed reminds me of ours. Does it have storage underneath? Ours does. It’s come in very handy all these years.
    My mom and I use to stay up late together talking, watching TV, doing whatever. Those are some of the most endearing memories of childhood. I’m looking forward to being with Bea in that way as she gets older. Sweet, sweet.
    And yes, is there a pinterest annonymous chapter established? If so, I really need to join. What a fun guilty pleasure it is!


  3. Isn't it perfect?! Another thing is that you won't be as stressed about points lining up since the whole strip doesn't have to be perfect. I have a pile of clothes too. From my four…. favorite shirts & such. But cutting into some of that will be hard for me…. someday though 🙂


  4. Pinterest is facebook for crafty creative people…. I feel connected my pals & see so many things that me laugh & smile 🙂 I have a huge pile of old Heather Ross stuff… mermaids, pink buses, etc that I want to turn into a quilt. It's all so pretty! Yes, the bed has storage…. Joe built it years ago and we haven't had a dresser since, which is nice because you see how much my room my hobby takes up. ahem. I can be sewing away and there is always at least one kid sitting-jumping-reading-knitting on that bed, chatting away to me while I work…..


  5. Oh my, I just read a post about pear wine, now vanilla bourbon. I think I will have to try both. I would have loved to have seen the lego room before clean up. I miss those days. The little boy who did that at our house turned 18 and went off to college this year, but he is coming home this weekend and his mama can’t wait to see him and cook him all his favorites. I’m sure I’ll be doing laundry too,which always makes me feel guilty because I know someday he will be someone’s husband and he should be doing those things, but I can’t help wanting to take care of the ones I love.


  6. Pear Wine? That sounds like it could be quite delicious. This bourbon vanilla is amazing added to a warm mug of hot cocoa 🙂 Next time I'll snap a picture of the room in a mess…… it's really quite a thing to see. Oh my! But good creative fun most certainly. My own big boy is home this weekend from school & favorite foods and pampering are in order here as well. Enjoy your time with yours!


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