Good to the last drop

The weather cooled for just about a week.












We turned off the ac, opened up the windows and the whole house drank in the glorious fresh air. We ate, played and sipped our wine out of doors and remembered what it was like to love the sun. The hot is slowly creeping back in and reaching 90 during the day but that little taste of southern fall and winter weather to come left a smile in my heart.

September is always a  l-o-n-g  month to get through…. still so hot and my northern heart gets all confused at the lack of red leaves and crisp air. A mantra rolls around in my head "almost….almost…." and I feel like the little engine that could just nearing the top of the hill…. I think I can.

Kayaking. Picnics. Knitting. Oh, have I ever missed you. Soon dear friends, soon!

Until then, I will be grateful for the little taste of goodness to come and keep on keeping on. That week of lovely weather was savored like a perfect soup, good to the very last drop.


{Coconut Lentil Soup with curry brown butter & Gluten Free Olive Bread}


6 thoughts on “Good to the last drop

  1. The weather has been glorious here as well. We’ve been living, eating, and kayaking too, all outside. The hot weather hasn’t returned. In the afternoons its about 80 but with a cool edge to it. I think we’re in for an early winter.


  2. I love this. I live in Turkey and my heart starts to hurt as September winds up and it is still in the mid 90s everyday. I routinely check the foliage report to get my autumn fix. I am tired of sitting inside because it really is TOO hot for my wee babes to play outside for very long. But once fall gets here, it will be thrilling. 70s everyday. I can dig it.


  3. Fantastic! You truly understand. Right down to the little ones that are too hot. And really, you can hardly move if you do venture out of doors. Just a wee bit longer and we'll both be enjoying the fresh air far more 🙂


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