happy friday



I cut the basil back last night and ended up with this huge pile of it. It's amazing how such loot yields a mere 4 jars of pesto. Those precious jars sure pack a punch on homemade pasta come January. I've got about 7 of them in the freezer so far. 

Are you putting up anything in your house?

This basil is some of the last living bits in the garden these days. We've started seeds inside and have a lot more to start this weekend. My ideas always out number my space! But we're going to try some butternut squash, peas, beets, broccoli, potatoes, cabbage, carrots and lots of green leafy stuff. Including my beloved swiss chard. And since we're in the south we've got another chance at a round of green beans, cucumbers and some early yield cherry tomatoes. I see a very messy weekend in our future.

Happy weekend friends!

{ps – I've had a few folks tell me they've had trouble loading the blog lately, so I changed the reader to include the whole post. If you subscribe, you'll be able to see the whole thing….. but of course I do hope you still swing in to say hello every now & then.}


13 thoughts on “happy friday

  1. LOVE!! We have lots of GREEN tomatoes, and the crabapples and plums are almost perfect for jams and jellies! Not much canning here this year as we opted out of a huge garden in lieu of supporting our local CSA farmer, AND enjoying the summer more than we would if we were slaves to the weeds! LOVE pesto…nothing like it!


  2. Stephanie we are doing the same next year. We're trading the garden for lots of camping & road trips! Crabapple & plum jam sound delicious. And finding a local farmer is just the best! I am looking forward to grilled pesto & veggie pizzas. YUM!


  3. Fall garden….. are you a southerner too? I started some tomato seeds and was so bummed to see that some youngin's had dug part of it up! But this morning my husband just announced that some had come up anyway… I am so excited. I think I have just enough time to get a few tomatoes from some early yielding cherry plants. (very hopeful) and we're in full seed starting-garden amending-cleanup mode here. The peppers & basil are the only thing loving the heat right now… everything else green just gave up!


  4. I’ve made blueberry jam, Peach/ Chardonnay Sauce, & Lemon Balm Pesto…
    Am ready to cut some basil from my $2.99 Trader Joe plant. Do you have a good recipe to share for basil pesto?


  5. I am so happy you’ve tried some recipes here.
    For basil pesto this is my recipe:
    1 packed cup of basil leaves
    1/4 cup walnuts (or pine nuts)
    1/4 cup olive oil
    1-2 cloves garlic
    splash of lemon juice & salt to taste
    Blend up in a food processor & freeze in small jars or (ice cubes & then ziplock bagged). We don’t add cheese to ours, I think it freezes better this way. But if you are using it fresh or after thawing a frozen batch you could stir in 3-4 TBSP of asiago or parmesan finely grated.


  6. Thank you for allowing the whole post to show in the RSS reader. I often read my posts on my phone and it makes my life easier.
    I’ve been cooking up tomato sauce for the past three days. Yummy tomato sauce for our winter days ;o)


  7. If by “putting up” you mean tossing food out because of freakin’ pantry weevils. I HATE THEM SO MUCH. *sob*
    Glass jars to the rescue. No canning so far though. 😦 But I am happy that the site will load for me now!


  8. UGH! I seriously know your pain and yes, yes I do think that counts as putting up food. The other bonus to glass jars is being able to easily see what's in them…. and sharpie markers work GREAT to label the contents. (you can scrub it off with a sponge when the jar is empty) Plus they look pretty in the pantry too. Really grasping here to find some postive-ness in the weevil devil issue… darned creatures!


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