Mindful Monday

In the end, just three things matter: how well we have lived, how well we have loved, how well we have learned to let go. ~Jack Kornfield









Some snapshots of our Saturday.

Everthing went so well. Thank you for all your kind words from this post. My goodness did you all ever have me in tears of gratitude as I read those comments. Thank you.


12 thoughts on “Mindful Monday

  1. Funny name tag!
    Bless your boy, from photos I have seen of him over the few years I have been reading your blog, how quickly they change at this age. You must be very proud.xxx


  2. Such a good movie….. we're always so stoked when the youngest of the lot is old enough to watch it. My five your old is rather insistent on using the word "incon-seat-ible" as an answer to everything now.


  3. It works! It works! I can get on the page now and even leave comments! Praise the Lord.
    Um, hi. I’m sure your boy will be missing Mama something fierce. At least you won’t be alone in the ache. Wait, that sounds sad, not uplifting. I will shut up now.


  4. Haha! Love the responses to your son’s nametag…hope his peers “got” it, too! The ones that did will be his truest friends! This made me want to cry…my son is only 6 but somtimes time warps in my imagination and I can totally understand what these different stages mean to mothers…I hope he learns all he wishes to learn in college/university, and that you never get ‘used’ to him being far from you…


  5. I do think it happens quick at this age…. he towers over me these days and has a deep voice and HUGE feet. And yet, I look into his eyes and it's the same kid I've always known.


  6. Yeah! I missed you. The boy is doing very well. I get a little text from him regularly & spoke with him last night for awhile. He's so excited about starting this adventure and the spark in his voice is totally awesome. I remember those days 🙂 And as long as I don't listen to My Boy by Neil Young I can totally get through the day without getting all sentimental and teary eyed.


  7. I was so glad so many people knew it….. we *love* that movie. I hope he never gets "used" to being far away either. I do have a plan for Sunday dinners someday when I hope all four of them will be close enough to attend regularly. When I think of four grown children around my table I immediately get misty eyed. Oh my. Here's to hoping their travels don't take them too far, or at least have them passing through often (said from a girl who lives thousands of miles away from her own mama).


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