The mama paparazzi has once again been thwarted.

I am forever trying to snap a photo of this beautiful young lady of ours…..  and this is what every picture looks like. Hands up “Moooo-ooom!” She says to me, laughing.




She totally brings the sunshine with her in everything she does. Kind hearted, smiling and looking at the world as a glass half full. These days she can diffuse a fight between her younger siblings, cook a delicious meal and pound out a sweet 80’s rock song on the piano. She stands an inch taller than her mama (that makes two out of the four kids!) She shares mine & Joe’s music taste and makes some darn good playlists for our weekly road trips.

And today she left on her very first solo adventure. Three whole weeks in Minnesota visiting some wonderful friends of ours (and hers). She packed her own suitcase and paid for half her airfare and well, she’s just growing up. My mama heart flip flopped all morning until she called to let us know she had arrived safely. The happy excitement in her voice was like sweet honey to my soul. 

Here’s to many wonderful adventures to come…


12 thoughts on “she

  1. oh my goodness, I have been trying to get your weblog to load for a couple of weeks now, and it finally has … well, the header banner hasn’t come up, but I can actually read your post. I am so excited, I have to write this little comment to say hello 🙂 Your daughter looks lovely, what a beautiful smile she has.


  2. Oh darn, but I'm glad you finally were able to read it. Thanks for the compliments on my girl…. she does have a beautiful smile… though I suppose I'm biased on that 🙂 Hello right back to you & I do so hope you're able to find your way in more often.


  3. Oh, I'm so glad you found a little sweet little piece of something to read. She's such a good kid, that girl of mine, and in the last year I've been in awe at her huge change into this lovely young adult. 12-13 is quite the year 😉


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