Right now : I am

right now i am


right now i am


right now i am


right now i am


preparing : for a certain boy's 5th birthday celebration

eating : this bread & jam and never tiring of it

feeling : very sappy and oh so sentimental about my baby boy (5? Oh my)

baking : dark chocolate cupcakes

thinking : the Five birthday shirt might be a wee bit late

waiting : for some of these bolts to arrive (!!!!)

drooling : over this new to me space

savoring : these last few days of summer vacation with all six of us together

thinking : sangria is in order for this weekend or perhaps this?

putting up : one last batch of peach lavender butter to smile at me in January

loving : the wishes that are filling up Luke's first birthday jar

in awe : of the almost five year old boy who sped down the sidewalk last night on his sister's two wheeled bike. wow.


Happy weekending to you all.


8 thoughts on “Right now : I am

  1. I grinned over so many of these things. I especially love your birthday banner. That is now officially on my to do list for THIS year’s birthday events. I keep seeing them and wondering how complicated it would really be for a non-sewing girl. Our family birthdays are all between Sept-Dec. So, the reminder is perfect timing!


  2. Now I’m wondering which batch of cupcakes that might have been. 🙂
    (and if you could tell where that recipe came from so I could try to convert it to gf)
    Happy Birthday, Luke!!! Have a wonderful weekend!


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