bun-less burgers, mayo & a camera mishap

That's a heck of a title, no?

Let's start from the beginning.

These are bun-less burgers which all of us (well, maybe not the teenaged boy) have very much enjoyed. Senposai leaves from the garden make great 'buns' on these petite hamburgers. Local grass-fed beef, homemade mayo and garden/farm fresh leaves & tomatoes. So good.


Senposai Burger


I've been making mayo. Yep. And it's really good. We finally settled on a recipe we like and I thought I should share it with you here. I have no issues with raw eggs and we seem to eat mayo up within a week-ish time frame so I'm cool with that. However…. it is made with raw eggs, so use your own judgement should you choose to make it. I highly recommend farm (backyard) fresh eggs.


homemade mayo


Our favorite Mayo

2 egg yolks

1 tsp dijon mustard

1 tsp white vinegar

1/2 tsp lemon juice

1/2 tsp salt

1-2 drips of honey (scant 1/4 tsp)

1 cup grapeseed oil


Whisk together everything except the oil. You can use a food processer, however I don't have one right now…. so this cute guy I know volunteered for the whisking job. (thank you Joe!) Here's a great tutorial on the emulsification process. You need to whisk the oil in a wee little speck at a time. Seriously, watch that video. When it's nice & thick store it in the fridge in a glass mason jar. It keeps for up to two weeks. If it lasts that long.


mayo & tomatoes


garden fresh tomato, homemade mayo & pepper {so good}


It is good on anything. But I have this personal weakness for mayo & pepper on garden fresh tomatoes. Spicy chipotle is even better than fresh black pepper…. yum.

And the camera mishap? Well… you see… those cute littler kids in the house were building an epic fort out of play silks and it seems mama's camera took a major digger. After which the youngest brings me the lens cap…. with half the lens still attached to it.

"Oh noo….." say I.

"Daddy could fix it?" Luke says to me.

Note : It's always the best idea to send the youngest cutest child when something goes wrong. Those kids are smart.

Joe did snap it back together with a warning of it's not lasting for long. He was right. The very next pictures I took (these ones) ended with the lens popping off and flying into the grass. Really. *sigh* Some days are just like that. So I'm back to the old basic and hoping maybe the sugar sprite will bring me a new one this fall? I'll even bake her a pumpkin cake.

Mostly I just wish I could have taken a photo of that lens in the grass to share with all of you. But then, it's hard to take a picture with lens-less camera…. so just imagine it and laugh with me. That's the best thing to do about these sort of mishaps anyhow.


12 thoughts on “bun-less burgers, mayo & a camera mishap

  1. 1) Love that your tomato slices are as big as your burger.
    2) Love that your mayo recipe is so different than mine but looks fabulous (I use a mix of olive oil and grapeseed) AND have found that it doesn’t work unless the egg yolks are room temp.
    3) Laughing about taking the photo with the lensless camera.


  2. I’ve yet to make mayo and I love mayo. I may have to try it soon. Sorry to hear about your lens. I try to always tell myself that everything happens for a reason. So maybe that sugar sprite will visit you after all. πŸ™‚


  3. Joe was saying in denmark he ate fries & mayo together…. so good (and so bad) I'm sure! Thanks on the lens…. it wasn't an expensive one, just a favorite one, so I hope to replace it in a few weeks. I told the kids they should carry insurance on their building projects! haha


  4. Oh well, it just goes that way sometimes…. however I'm hoping on the sugar sprite πŸ™‚ Happy mayo making… it's so much better than store bought variety. Delicious!


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