a flyby




This week was a bit of a flyby….

you know, the kind where you get to the end of it and wipe your brow and say phew, that was something.

So. Darn. Busy.

We learned together.

I worked a little.

He worked a lot.

He brewed some beer.

I canned & cooked.

There was laughing.

And not laughing.

It was hot. And humid. {And more hot.}

Somewhere we managed to fit a run to the hardware store in, just the two of us…. you know the two grown ups, riding in Lola.

Oh yes, that bus, she has a name. The windows rolled down, the air whistling past us. So  q-u-i-e-t, even amongst the very noisy sort of car that 30+ year old vw's happen to be. We both sighed…. and smiled and laughed at life. This sweet chaotic busy and beautiful life.

It's good to be here.

Happy weekending to you.


14 thoughts on “a flyby

  1. I’ve been flying by as well and I’m under huge deadlines at the moment. Hope to break free over the weekend. I’m sending you an email because it is time for the adult size version of one of your quilts. It’s part of my self-care . :0 Hope all is well.


  2. We’ve had a few weeks like that too, in intense heat…eating simply, leaving the house only to go to the nearest cool water, and totally neglecting the housework…catching up now! Have a lovely weekend.


  3. Shouldn’t every vehicle have a name? Lola is awesome. Our next door neighbor’s dog is Lola. Not to be confused with my Lala. Our cars are Beatrice and Zoom Zoom (who just replaced Allen).
    Love productive days like that!
    Was just drooling over at your Etsy shop. Can’t wait for another baby in the family to buy for!


  4. Glad to know we're not alone in this. We bought a new van last year who replaced the old van (Alice) and the new van which is quite fancy finally got a name. Rosie. After the robot maid in the old Jetson's cartoon. We are too silly here….. 
    SO glad you are window shopping 🙂 I just saved up enough to order new bolts. Anika by Monaluna….. so exciting!


  5. Brewing beer and making jam… what a sweet summer combo you two make. I love that you call out the quality of quiet (even noisy old-vehicle quiet) in this post; you make that van ride palpable. Paired with the photo, I can almost feel the breeze from here– and here is in very hot Austin, Texas. Lovely. 🙂


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