home canning anonymous….


Hi my name is Stephinie, I am an obsessive home canner…..

millions of peaches


For reals folks, it's been crazy around here. Last weekend we put up 10 quarts each of whole tomatoes & peach halves, 6 pints of tomato salsa, 6 pints of peach salsa, 6 jars of gingered fig jam and 3 jars of Sauvignon Blanc Peach Jam. (The last two my very own creations!)


peach salsa


tomato salsa


My friend Rachel seriously has the best darn salsa recipes out there. Her peach salsa is amazing (& gorgeous to look at!) and her tomato salsa is rich and hearty and peeping out from my pantry asking to be opened. I've been bringing home boxes of local produce and the salsas have been almost totally local, with the exception of cilantro & onions.

The pantry is filling up little by little and I am loving (like entirely too much) labeling the beautiful jars of food with these simple little labels. And these adorably fantastic labels have foodie gift giving ideas dancing in my mind.


tomatoes & peaches


It's pure addiction friends…. pure addiction indeed. It sure keeps a girl busy in the humid heat and jars hold awfully still while you photograph them. A jam photo shoot?! I know, I know. I promise to try and curb my preserving posts back to a reasonable amount…. really I will… but first just take a peek at these lovelies…..


peach & fig jam


free figs = figgy jam


sunshine peachy jam


Peach Sauvignon Blanc ~ A lovely jam made from blended peaches, a whole bottle of Joe's amazing Sauvignon Blanc Wine, sugar and pectin.

With this sort of loot, toast can never be boring.

Tell me, are any of you enjoying putting up the summer's bounty? Do share.


18 thoughts on “home canning anonymous….

  1. Oh I wish you/ lived closer! I am wanting to learn some canning goodness but I feel so lost, i need a good teacher! And my garden is actually producing this year. What would you suggest for someones’s first canning adventure?


  2. This is so incredible Stephinie! I love your enthusiasm! I say, what ever keeps a mama happy and content. And yes, those jars do sit still and smile for just as long as you need them to.
    You should consider a small business plan to go along with all your fancy shmancy jarred concoctions.


  3. Yep- me too. Every week I wonder how much more I can fit in. Really hoping to finish the sweet pickles and salsa this week- but then I think, maybe I dont really have enough.


  4. Ashley English’s Home Canning & Preserving is a fantastic book. It has all the basics on how to’s, lovely photography & great recipes. It’s only a small handful of recipes, but certainly enough to get started. I think Salsa, pickled veggies and jams are all the best things to start with. And don’t forget you can freeze jam, salsa and roasted veggies for the winter too. I do hope you get to put something up 🙂


  5. I am so fond of that salsa…. it’s just ridiculous really. But the tomato salsa was made from 15 pounds of leftovers from the farm (free!) frugal canning makes the deal even sweeter 🙂


  6. Enthusiasm, that’s a much nicer word than addiction. (haha!) And actually, Joe & I have been talking a whole lot about the making of fresh & canned foods to sell at market someday. That and homemade sodas & carbonated teas. He’s been using his kegs to carbonate fruity herbal teas as of late. They are so delicious & refreshing in the heat. We love them!


  7. I’m just getting to the point where the pantry is really, really full. I cleaned off the top shelf of the linen closet to make more space. I am hoping to do pickled carrots & beets this fall. YUM!


  8. I really really love those squared off jars you have in the photos. The ones you have the salsa in. Are they Ball jars? I have only seen the small ones that are squared off by Ball. I can see doing relishes and salsas of course in that style of jar.
    And it was Food In Jars that gave me the link to your blog. You are now on my reader so I do not miss any postings!


  9. They are fabulous for salsa. I adore them. I've seen them at Lowe's and I (admittedly) purchased mine at Target. They have both the large & small ones this style. I know they sell them on Amazon too, but I think they are far more than the $5 I paid for mine. I hope you find some 🙂 And thanks for swinging over from food in jars…. good to 'meet' you!


  10. just stumbled across your blog…would love the peach wine recipe…yummy!!!
    We don’t have many veggies here in the Pacific Northwest, just lots of fruit…of which I have canned so much jam…today was cherry rhubarb. I want to do some peach, so I think tomorrow it will be peach ginger until you get your recipe up.


  11. I'll get the peach recipe together by the end of the week, your the second person to ask. It is fantastic! We loved it. Cherry Rhubarb sounds amazing…. I've done blueberry rhubarb before and it was such a favorite here. Happy canning to you 🙂


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