Right now : I am

right now : i am


right now : i am


right now : i am


right now : i am


right now : i am


right now : i am


right now : i am


always : loving the sound of his fingers strumming that guitar….. especially when it's outside over a pint of homebrew

welcoming : a new baby girl into the world, my dear sweet friend had her third baby & first daughter this week, welcome to the world baby T…. we are so glad to have you with us

fermenting : flours and teas and dairy things and loving kitchen science

eating : fresh yogurt, frozen berries & hemp seeds for breakfast in my handmade bowl…. so good

loving : this musical girl of mine, learning the mandolin…. inspired by her daddy and this song

reading : the last of this book and feeling so inspired

thinking : of more things to do with local tomatoes and peaches (canning obsession, perhaps)

holding : this big boy a little close in my heart and thinking of his amazing upcoming adventures

grateful : for the abundance of local grub that is feeding my family

smiling : at that sweet, old dog (that picture is just for you Stacy!)

listening : to the sound of the rain and grateful to mother nature for watering the garden this week


Have a lovely weekend everyone.

9 thoughts on “Right now : I am

  1. “A picture is worth a1.000 words”
    These tell soooo much. What a wonderful wholesome family. Great job Joe & Steph & I feel so proud to be GG.


  2. I love all that’s going on in your home right now!! I’ve been meaning to experiment with sour dough….hmm…got to get my mojo back.
    I’m jealous of the rain. I’m always jealous of rain.
    And I love the Into the Wild soundtrack. Have you heard Vedder’s new album Yet? With the ukelele? I haven’t, but your post reminded me to check it out.


  3. So beautiful Stephinie. I can’t believe the deal you got on peaches. You’re smart to go ALL OUT. Can you imagine the value those jars will have in January?
    Also, love the homebrew.


  4. Looks like a lovely weekend. I’ve actually got beans sprouting on my counter and I need to get a batch of yogurt started.
    I saw your photo on Food in Cans and wanted to stop by your blog. I’m enjoying reading through your posts!


  5. I have not heard Vedder's ukulele album…. but have heard a few songs on the radio. I love them 🙂 Such a good memory from my youthful days of listening to pearl jam.


  6. Perfect. And how did your biggest baby (because as mine get older I can see now they will always be my babies) do with public school his freshman year? Soaking him in during summer break? You two are amazingly youthful parents to have a teenager, truly.


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