this boy

There is a birthday coming up in a few short weeks for a certain boy in our house…. I am watching as a very independent 5 year old emerges before my eyes.

Last weekend I gave him a haircut and as his crazy wild locks fell to the floor I was a bit startled by the boy I found underneath. My goodness, is he really that big? My heart skipped a little at the sight of this big little boy staring back at me. I suppose so…. I thought. It creeps up on us, you know? It seems the littlest of things can make us suddenly realize the time that has passed, the changes that have transpired.

When I snapped the before picture, he asked me "Mama, can I just do a grumpy face?"


shaggy boy


Afterwards I asked if I could have a happy face this time, he obliged.


mama barber shop


The very next morning I sat drinking my coffee when he tumbled in with wild bed hair and sleepy eyes. He climbed onto my lap and nestled his head under my chin the way he does each morning. Telling me stories of his dreams as he transitioned into his awake world….. and before I'm ready he leaps out of my arms and onto the floor. Awake and energetic, excited to start this new day. 

"I'm hungry! I want a peach."

I get up and start to assist him in his usual foraging of breakfast items….

"You can make the toast, but I want to cut my peach myself. I can do it, okay mama?" he says to me. The last bit of it sounding more like he is reassuring me of his confident self then asking me permission. So I make the toast and I sit at the table and watch him.




With determination he cuts it in half almost like he's seen it done so many times before. He looks at me every now and then….. most likely to read the expression on my face. I offer no assistance, no suggestions… I just watch. I'm trying to remember if I've seen him at the counter before, when was he able to reach by himself? How did I miss that?




I get him a plate and he piles his cut up peach pieces onto it. I could have sworn just the act of cutting up that peach made him stand a little taller, look a little older. My baby.


brown eyes


"See Mom." He says to me as he sinks his teeth into a big chunk of fruit.

Boy do I ever.


21 thoughts on “this boy

  1. What a sweet boy…those eyes!! Beautiful. My guy turns 5 in November. He’s set it as a momentous occasion…often announcing that he will do x or y “when I’m 5”. And if I know my son, he will hold himself to it.


  2. Wow.. He IS getting so big. And very handsome. Youre for sure going to have a handfull of girls around when he gets older lol. I love the pic of him cutting up the peach. Such determination and concentration just in that one shot. Priceless.
    I kinda know how youre feeling.. Randys boy Dan is now 14. Ugh!!! Even tho i didnt give birth to that turd he still calls me mom. And is talking to me about girls and joining football this year at Service High. HIGHSCHOOL!!! ugh!! It ages me more and more each time i talk to him lol. They grow up so fast. Before you know it.. theyre adults. In a blink of an eye. Scary!


  3. The first time I watched my boys cut their own fruit I almost cried. It was unexpectedly bittersweet. Their pride in the accomplishment was an awesome thing to see though.
    I just stumbled onto your blog and I love it. I just subscribed.


  4. those bittersweet moments sneak up on you and still your breathe away don’t they? been having lots of those myself as my youngest is on the brink of being 3 and suddenly he looks so tall and seems so independent and i wonder where my little boy went.


  5. Yup. This is one of the parts of mothering that really, no one can prepare you far. Somedays I feel like I just walk around my world, shaking my head, wondering to myself how in the world does this growth happen so very fast.
    Such a tender, sweet journey to be on.


  6. Waaaah! Tears on my face. My own little boy is a tall six now and each day he astounds me with some new trick: getting his own glass out of the cupboard (without climbing up on the counter!) or printing a new word. Your son is radiant, as is your photography! Happy birthing day, a bit early.


  7. Oh my, does it ever tug at a mama's heart strings. But you know, no matter how big they get you'll always catch of glimpse of that sweet little person every now and then. I still do even with my almost 15 year old.


  8. Yes, really. I know just the feeling. Sometimes I think choosing to be present in life makes these things a little more intense….. it's hard not to hold onto the best of moments. BUt I can't imagine any journey I could enjoy more than this one.


  9. Oh thank you S πŸ™‚ It just seems to happen so fast…. but I can still catch a glimpse of my baby in those dark brown eyes and I think I'll get to hold on to that forever.


  10. I know, sometimes I tell myself not to be such a sap about it all. As if my heart should be more rational about mothering: we all grow up. It’s not that big of a deal. πŸ™‚ But ah, where’s the joy in that?


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