Peachy Preserving

local peaches (ruston variety)


This is our first time ever having affordable access to local peaches. We've been eating them up and loving them…. really, really loving. We cubed them and froze them (peel still on) for smoothies and oatmeal. Frozen peaches stirred into oatmeal cools it quickly for the hungry people awaiting breakfast and it's soooo good… especially if you have blueberries too. YUM!

On Saturday, Joe & I blanched, peeled and cut up almost 35 pounds of peaches. 




peeled & halved


so many peaches....


We made a quadruple batch of ginger-cardamom-peach jam (from Gourmet Preserves). We left out the crystallized ginger in the recipe and instead added a little muslin bag of whole cardamom pods to steep during the boiling. Delicious! We also made a double batch of lavender peach butter (from Ashley English Canning & Preserving which I am loving). The lavender is really subtle and absolutely divine! We canned 23 jars total… a mix of pints & half pints. After buying fresh lids, peaches, ginger & sugar it cost us under $1.50 per jar to put these up. As if peaches didn't make me happy enough! (I all ready had the jars.)


ready for a bath....


hot water bath


ginger peach jam & peach lavender butter


Isn't there something so gratifying about putting up the harvest? I can't even quite imagine how wonderful it will be to open up that sweet peachy sunshine in a jar this winter.

Peaches, oh peaches… I do believe I am smitten with you.


12 thoughts on “Peachy Preserving

  1. I’m loving all of your canning posts! It seems like you have found a wonderful way to pass the time during the long hot summers. Gorgeous photos too!! 🙂


  2. Youve officially made me drool over something i am allergic to LOL!! Can you believe that!?!?! Allergic to peaches. Ugh. Someone doesnt like me up there! lol. It looks so yummola.. i’ll just stare at your pics and try to get my peach fix lol.


  3. I’m obviously clueless about canning but.. why replace the lids? Did they get damaged or something? My canning jars are used to store dry goods, iced coffee in the fridge, and hot teas. (:


  4. Looks great! Oh, and the lavender peach butter sounds amazing. Ugh, I’m about to loose the last of my lavender plants, and I have no idea why. 😦


  5. I replace the lids when they dinged up or scraped…. otherwise they might not seal well. The canning experts say they are good for a one time use…… but I tend to use them a little more than that.


  6. I'm so grateful to be canning these up. I hope to get more this weekend. They are such good peaches 😉 I just read in a gardening book that peaches & nectarines are the same thing…. the only difference is the fuzz factor. So your taste buds were right!


  7. See? This is yet more evidence of why we need to live closer to each other. I’m trying to think of what I could offer in trade and all I’ve really got is babysitting, although your kids will probably learn some words they shouldn’t stay in the process. I think that’s called Barter Fail.


  8. Yes, yes…. we should be neighbors indeed. And do know that I am married to a sailor….. so it is quite possible my kids could teach you some fun words. Not that I am proud of that, mind you…. just honest. I can't count how many times I've looked at that sweet man of mine and said "JOE?!!?" Oh my……


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