tequila + peaches {monday bites}

Peaches are ripe!

On Friday I bought about 50 pounds from a farm stand. 15 to eat and 35 to put up. I scored a box of 35 pounds for 25 bucks… they were slightly bumped… but perfect for jamming. We may just end up having a whole week of peachy posting here.

Peaches = Summer

BUT tequila + peaches = Yum

I'll explain…..

Somehow I stumbled across this recipe and I needed to make it. Yes really, need. A rustic peach pie with a hint of lime and tequila? Oh my, was it ever absolutely amazing. And I must say I love how you can cut the pieces on the diagonal and end up with "pie shaped" slices from a hand formed pie. It's the little things that make me smile…. I followed the recipe with the exception of substituting 1/2 cup of the white flour for 1/2 cup of whole wheat pastry flour, which turned out very well. I love this dough recipe and the pie?

Oh the pie…… so very  g–o–o–d!! 

butter & flour


pie making


tequila peach pie


tequila peach pie


This one most certainly made it into the recipe card box….. it is a keeper. And while I baked this lovely pie in a climate controlled house my dear husband was out in the heat brewing up a batch of homebrew. 90+ degrees and boiling grains….. the man is dedicated. I stared out from the patio door watching him and decided he must need a treat. Something cool and refreshing…

I had tequila. And peaches.

It was only 3:30 in the afternoon, but it was the weekend after all…. margaritas anyone?


peach margaritas


If I had to choose a new favorite margarita, this would be it. 



3 ripe peaches, halved (discard pit but don't bother peeling them)

1/2 cup lime juice (we like Nellie's key lime)

2 TBSP sugar

1/4 – 1/2 cup tequila



1. Toss the peaches, lime juice, sugar & tequila into the blender. Blend until smooth. The little flecks from the skin are beautiful and most likely good for you too, well as good for you as a margarita can be anyway.

2. Top off with ice, filling the blender and blend again.

3. Bring to hard working beer brewing husband out in the sun. (optional, but only leave out if absolutely necessary.)


peach margaritas




PS – Hello, hello to all of you swinging by from Canning Across America and Food in Jars, so lovely to meet some of you. A heartfelt jar of gratitude to Canning Across America for featuring my pasta sauce as their photo of the week & to Food in Jars for including my strawberry jam in their lineup … cheers to my fellow canners out there!


6 thoughts on “tequila + peaches {monday bites}

  1. It is 40 degrees celsius here (no idea how that translates into Fahrenheit, but let’s just say it’s that heavy, humid heat that causes you to sweat when you’re sitting doing nothing, and makes you feel like you’re immersed in a bathtub of warm water..ugh)…those peachy, slushy drinks almost made me cry with longing. Waiting for a storm to break this heat…we don’t get peaches till August!


  2. OH MY GOODNESS! That is on the menu for this weekend most definitely. I am hoping to get more peaches on friday….. though I am quite honestly out of canning jars, so I suppose I'll be picking those up as well! Thank you for sharing 🙂


  3. I totally know humidity…. ugh. We have ac down here so it's easy to forget how hot it is out of doors…. but you walk outside and hits you right in the face. Vanilla ice cream + strong coffee + a handful of ice. Blend. So good!! Wishing you cool breezes very soon 🙂


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