this {sub}urban garden

The sun is HOT.

My once healthy green plants seem to be yellowing, bolting and shriveling up despite my best intentions to keep them watered and fed. It's starting to look a little bleak out there….. but in another couple of weeks we'll be starting seeds for our winter garden. I still laugh when I think about the idea of keeping little seedlings indoors so they don't wilt from too much sun….

So before things get too sad, I should share a couple of snapshots of our big~little {sub}urban garden…




there has been some evening comic reading…..




a visit from this golden dragonfly….




baby lizards hiding out in the tatsoi (that has done quite well in the heat!)




our very own sun egg (an arava melon)…..

which reminds me…. my friend Valarie has an incredible giveaway going on over at Jump Into A Book. 19 wonderful Elsa Beskow books to one very lucky winner. We are big Elsa fans here… I'll wait, you go enter it!




Are you back? Then you should meet Little John, 'our turtle'. He's been enjoying our strawberries (we had thought a bird was getting them) and he also seems to enjoy organic kale. We hope he thinks our backyard is a fun place to visit for at least a few more days.




And this.

Heirloom tomatoes & cucumbers tossed with olive oil, fresh dill and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Simplicity & Perfection

I will truly never tire of this salad.

Because cucumbers are gone far before I am ready for them to go…

Happy Gardening to you.


14 thoughts on “this {sub}urban garden

  1. MMM that salad looks yummola!! Now that i finally have a backyard im going to be doing a garden next summer. Its a bit late in the season to start one right now. Have you tried growing corn? I used to grow corn when i lived with Zach. Always had to start them in the middle of February in the house.. but it all worked out pretty good LOL.
    BTW.. i love when there are pics of Sid.. reminds me of Toby.. just liver and white and not black and white. 🙂


  2. Mine, all mine! That turtle is so cute. At least he doesn’t have a fondness for tomatoes and cucumbers. Or at least that he can’t climb to get them. 🙂
    I know, winter seeds already? Ella’s begging for brussel sprouts, so I need to make a seed order soon. I spent yesterday trying to figure out what I can plant for a second “summer” harvest. I’m going to try cucumbers again, but my grandfather wagged his finger and told me I couldn’t plant them again until the first of August. I might also try to sneak in more zucchini and beans, since the bugs took mine out pretty early.


  3. Thanks for The Elsa Beskow mention Stephinie. I’m having gardening problems that most pertain to one hungry bunny who is eating me out of house and home. I’m putting up bunny fences for the first time ever today.
    Can I just say that I immediately fell in love with Little John. What a personality!


  4. I know you love seeing Siddy 🙂 He is such a love, just like Toby. I have not tried corn…. but Joe has grand plans for it on the someday homestead. I so love fresh tomatoes & zucchini & lettuce though. So GOOD!


  5. Oh my, thank you 🙂 I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and yes, the salad is fantastic. But I think you just can't go wrong with ripe homegrown cucumbers & tomatoes. They are so good!


  6. You'll have to let me know if you have any luck (despite Grandpa's warning) I'm curious to find out! And you know what, only our strawberries near the ground were being eaten! So we think it's been this turtle the whole time! SO funny!


  7. Isn't he the cutest little turtle ever? We're smitten with him too. And if he keeps getting garden scraps I dare say he may not leave. A bunny? Oh my. I hope you keep that sweet visitor on the OUTside of all your hard work!


  8. WOW! your salad does look fabulous. It is still a little early for tomatoes here, but soon enough I hope. Thanks for the heads up on the Elsa Beskow giveaway. My daughter loves the few books we have of hers.
    Blessings, Elizabeth


  9. Good luck on the giveaway… a whole library of Elsa. That would be such a treat 🙂 Enjoy your tomatoes when they make their grand appearance… there is just nothing like garden fresh tomatoes.


  10. What a delicious post this is – for both the soul & the appetite! We love taking garden walks each day around our garden & spotting the wee creatures who call our zucchini leaves & lettuce stalks home.


  11. Thank you for sweet comment 🙂 I love the little critters too… mostly the ones that are not munching on my garden. Keeping a garden is certainly good for the body & soul.


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