one berry, two berry…..

Pick me a blueberry……

We made our way to a lovely blueberry patch with a group of homeschooling friends and hit the tail end of blueberry season here in the deep south. The kids picked a little and tasted a lot and all the mamas paid a wee bit extra to make up for all the happy blue grins.

My own littlest kept telling me over and over "we're picking berries for winter, right mama."

Right, little bear. (I told him)


pick your own


This sweet little blueberry patch has an honor system (which I love):

1. pick berries

2. weigh berries

3. put cash/check in mail box












We walked away with a big beautiful bucket full of fresh berries. 9 pounds to be exact. And though I really should have made some jam… we've been enjoying bowls full of berries and baking with fresh berries so much this past week that not a single berry was put away for winter. I hope my little bear understands… We're having the same problem with the baskets of local peaches we've been buying… they are just so good.

We've had baked oatmeal with fresh berries and peaches (oh my!)…. blueberry cobbler baked by Jade (dreamy)…. and huckle buckle is on the menu for tomorrow's breakfast.


baked oatmeal


blueberry cobbler


So. So. Good.


13 thoughts on “one berry, two berry…..

  1. your treats look delicious!!! really!
    I love that there is documentation of my stool-cheating!
    it was such a good time. you wouldn’t believe the farm we made our way to afterwards! corn fields, piles of watermelons + cantaloupe, + the usual garden fare as well.
    we’ll have to do both next year.
    hope you guys are feeling better soon~


  2. Haha 🙂 I saw that too and smiled… as if you weren't taller all ready! We'll totally miss seeing you all this week. I wish we hit the berries earlier so we could have had to time to make two trips…. then perhaps I would have put some away. Oh well. Thanks for the well wishes…. we're so tired of colds around here!


  3. Maybe if we drive way up north we can hit some? But mostly it's done in late June. Especially because our spring was so dry. I'll see what I can find for July berries & let you know 🙂


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