wild animals in the garden…..

Have you met fox & wolf?

They've been running around my house & garden these past few days. 

Howling, growling……

Acting like, well, wild animals.












Sophia is finishing up a study on Animal Legends and I decided to make a pair of masks for her Luke. I cut out the shape of the mask from wool felt and then stitched linen scraps onto the front & back. I did a tight zizag (much like a button hole) for the eyes, free-stitched some designs onto them & then added some thin elastic. They have a very scrappy frayed raw edge sort of look to them….. but then you know, animals are sort of frayed looking too. It was one of those quick sort of projects that can come together after dinner and got popped onto two grinning faces for a little growling before bedtime… I do believe story time included masks as well.

So if you happen to see a fox & wolf in my garden…. don't worry… they're friendly ones.


{ps – these kid masks were loosely inspired by Pixie Campbell whom I had the great pleasure of crossing paths with at SAW}


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