along the coast….

It’s a funny sort of thing.

And so many people have written poems and songs about it.

Somehow I’d started to forget how much I loved it. Though that salty sailor man of mine has never.

The Sea

It was so different wandering the shores along the trip. So quiet & reflective. Something I hadn’t known I would be so grateful for at the end of this adventure. The shore was a perfect place to stop & stretch our legs as we drove. The cool salty air in my hair and the quiet crashing of waves. It’s no wonder water is considered healing.















Fish Ladder in Damariscotta, ME












Alewives Fish



The Alewives Fabric store seen from the Fish Ladder.


It’s been nearly a decade since we lived in New England. A tiny new family just starting out…. it seems so long ago. It was good to be back and remember the things I loved and look at all of it with such a different prospective. Fresh yet familiar eyes….

Those Alewives that return to the sea after spawning sure had me thinking. That sea can surely swirl up some sweet memories and spark some beautiful ideas.


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